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Stores have moved from a place of transaction to that of interaction. When you walk into a store it is all about the experience that you live while there, how the brand speaks to you and the connections you make. No longer an independent commerce destination, but a spoke on the omni-channel wheel of customer engagement. Organizations must keep customers engaged before, during and after their purchase. Vision Store delivers on these retail clienteling requirements providing supreme execution of store operations that are key to competitive differentiation in the cross-channel shopping experience.

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Vision Store complements Vision Merchandising, giving your enterprise centralized control over cost management, markdowns, shrinkage, and allocation of merchandise per store, further supporting the next season’s planning and ‘Open-to-Buy’ dollars.

User Configurable

Based on your unique business processes and procedures, the system is built and designed to match your workflow.

Peter Gerhardt

Vision Store provides Town Shoes with the ability to capture essential customer data needs, in real-time, and allows us to efficiently manage store operations. Vision Store provides the ability to manage store activities using powerful workflow management and a centralized management tool to optimize our employee-customer interactions.

Peter Gerhardt CFO, Town Shoes
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