You Must Never Stop Sales And No Shopper Should Ever Leave The Store Without a Purchase!

Jesta’s point of sale software is designed to go the extra mile. Fully integrated with Vision Merchandising or implemented as a stand-alone solution, it acts as an information repository, delivering intelligence to the retail enterprise on trending bestsellers. With Vision Store’s fast-adoption and ease-of-use, retailers can be sure to streamline their in-store operations. Features such as discounts, reason codes, tenders and menu options can be configured based on a retailer’s unique business rules.

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Consumers want more than merchandise. Retailers today need to focus on clienteling and create inspired shoppers and genuine customer relationships, to engage consumers with the brand and get them emotionally invested for long-term satisfaction.

Custom Fit

Contributes to successful retail clienteling with the ability to transact how and where your customer is by engaging shoppers in executing the buying process in their preferred channel and on their terms.


Vision Store complements Vision Merchandising, giving your enterprise centralized control over cost management, markdowns, shrinkage, and allocation of merchandise per store, further supporting the next season’s planning and ‘Open-to-Buy’ dollars.

Advanced Security

Customizable user profiles provide security features which control and manage user rights.


Visibility into purchase, return, and customer account information across the supply chain from all sales channels. No need to wait until end of day for results, Vision Store uploads all data immediately.

User Configurable

Based on your unique business processes and procedures, the system is built and designed to match your workflow.
Prior to implementation,  allocation and replenishment took 3-4 hours to run, and we only did it once a week. With Jesta, the process takes minutes and we ship to stores twice a week. We’ve grown by 15% since implementation without increasing headcount
Peter Gerhardt CFOTown Shoes