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Forward-thinking retailers understand that Retail POS software is the point of convergence for omnichannel operations. Don’t get left behind! Turn your POS into a central hub, delivering a consistent front and back-end experience that is aligned across all channels and customer touch points. Equip your stores with a solid infrastructure that includes real-time visibility into inventory, returns and shoppers’ buying histories across the chain — from all channels. With accurate data in-hand you can ensure that your customers are targeted with the right promotions to increase sales through improved store traffic and increased conversion rates.

Adopt an intuitive and comprehensive POS software that makes the sale of items straightforward, and easily handles even the most complex of transactions while simultaneously supporting your CRM initiatives. Vision Store complies with mandatory regulations, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), as well as the Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV).

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Fully Integrated

Vision Store complements Vision Merchandising, Vision DC, Vision e-DOM, Vision Planning and Vision Financials allowing you to gain centralized control over cost management, markdowns, shrinkage and allocation of merchandise per store, further supporting next season’s planning and OTB dollars.

Offline Mode

Take advantage of the offline mode to continue to serve your customers in the event of service interruption to the central server.

Customer Capture

Profit from a variety of options to capture customer data and buying preferences, including survey tools to collect information at various levels such as service, transaction and item.

Endless Aisle

Let customers browse inventory availability at other locations (retail stores or warehouses) to boost sales and reduce out-of-stock. Your shoppers can then purchase items online and retrieve, or return them in store.


Achieve substantial improvements in margins with real-time visibility of data and statistics about your entire supply chain, regardless of the channel.

Your Way

Personalize the POS interface to keep it uniform with your store brand and the customer experience. Configure discounts, reason codes, tenders and menus based upon your unique business processes.


Jesta’s POS software provides our stores with the ability to capture essential customer data and needs, in real-time, and allows us to efficiently manage store operations. Vision Store provides the ability to manage store activities using powerful workflow management and a centralized management to optimize our employee-customer interactions.

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