Jesta I.S.‘s Vision Suite of footwear, specialty and apparel ERP and mobile POS software solution systems is built by & designed for wholesale and/or retail enterprises. As a configurable and integrated supply chain solution, Jesta I.S. helps you manage the entire fashion process from design, development, and sourcing to production, distribution, customer service and finance. Powered by Jesta I.S.‘s Vision Suite you will develop products your consumers will want and get them to market faster.

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Our applications work together to help ensure that your company is meeting its savings targets across all categories of spend, effectively managing and collaborating with suppliers enforcing contract compliance, and streamlining operations delivering a suite of solution systems for your enterprise with the lowest total cost of ownership.


Opens up new supply chain synergies that enhance efficiencies and collaborations for your staff in ways not possible before. Manufacturers and retailers can collaborate at the shelf level to better understand, manage, and shape consumer demand. They can also segment their supply chain by market, region or customer to better focus operations. Retailers can support multi-channel order through fulfillment processes seamlessly. The synergies made possible for the retail enterprise by the Vision Suite solution are boundless.

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Harmonious usability for your organization, eliminating time required by your staff to work with different solutions


Wholesale and retail enterprises alike cannot afford to operate in an environment where the supply chain organization does not talk to the demand side, where different channels do not talk to one another, or where changes in demand signals are not received quickly enough. With the Vision Suite, enterprises will discard the model of siloed verticals, by viewing all channels, distribution centers and every element of the value chain as one holistic network.

“Our Jesta I.S. platform supports current and future acquisitions and enables us to achieve faster time to market, better visibility and reduced cost of ownership throughout our operations, in our continued effort to better serve our customers.”
George FeldenkreisCEOPerry Ellis