Jesta’s Story

A reflection of more than 50 years of wholesale and retail experience

What We Do

Jesta I.S. is a global supplier of integrated software for wholesalers and retailers specializing in apparel, footwear, housewares and electronics. Our end-to-end solutions streamline your day-to-day operations throughout your entire supply chain while always keeping your customers top of mind.

We’re continuously enhancing our products to meet the evolving needs of the ever-expanding wholesale and retail industries as well as developing innovative solutions to maximize operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

With more than 50 years of combined wholesale and retail experience, we recognize the importance of providing solid software solutions coupled with impeccable client service.

Our People

We have over 120 employees from more than 40 countries worldwide with 50 years of combined wholesale and retail expertise.

Our Clients

Our Vision Suite streamlines the work of approximately 10,000 employees and associates. We have client relationships that have lasted for more than 30 years.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be a leading global innovator of solution systems for wholesalers and retailers. We invest heavily in cutting edge R&D and employee development.

Our Promise

Our C-Level executives are just a phone call away and we’re always ready to tackle unforeseen challenges.

Our Story




Acquire by GAP


Renamed Essentus


Jesta Group acquires Essentus


$90M+ Invested since Jesta’s acquisition and became “One Stop Shop'

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Industry Recognitions

Our impeccable client service has earned us the recognition of the most trusted authorities in the retail industry year after year. In 2016, Jesta received accolades in the RIS Software LeaderBoard Report and the Reader’s Choice Edition of Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine.

10 Best Promising Leaders of 2021

Arvind Gupta, President of Jesta I.S., has been recognized as one of the 10 Best Promising Leaders of 2021 by Industry Era magazine.

Arvind Gupta has built and implemented retail-focused ERP solutions for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Arvind leads the expansion of Jesta I.S.’s cloud Vision Suite and was instrumental in cementing it as a leading unified commerce platform for retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers. Under his leadership, Jesta I.S. has consistently ranked as a Top 20 vendor in the RIS Software LeaderBoard.

20 Best Retail Tech Solution Providers of 2021

Jesta has been recognized by MyTechMag as one of the 20 Best Retail Tech Solution Providers of 2021.

“Being recognized as one of the 20 Best Retail Tech Solution Providers of 2021 is a testament that our focus and goals are in the right place,” says Arvind Gupta, President of Jesta I.S. “We will continue to focus on partnering with clients and helping them with the digitization of their operations and services along with making sure we incorporate the latest technologies, with a profound emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.”

Jesta’s Core Values

These values guide our interactions with different stakeholders and define our company culture.

  • Integrity

    Honesty, trust and transparency drive all of our interactions inside and outside the company.

  • Teamwork

    We encourage collaboration and believe that different skills and approaches strengthen the end results.

  • Distinction

    We work closely with clients on key challenges and initiatives to foster strong and long-lasting relationships.

  • Talent

    We aim to attract, retain and nurture the best people to remain a coveted destination for top talent.

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