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Proudly headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Jesta I.S. champions diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Jesta I.S. has over 100 employees of diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we believe that different skills and approaches strengthen innovation. The Jesta I.S. Vision Suite solutions are a testament to the strength of our people. The Vision Suite has been driving omnichannel commerce for over 50 years and our customer service is consistently ranked Top 5 by the RIS Software LeaderBoard.

Leadership Team

The Jesta I.S. management team is passionate about bringing the best out of the Jesta team which helps to provide exceptional quality and service to our clients so that they achieve their business goals. Learn more about some of the Jesta leaders powering brands around the world.


Judah Bendayan, Chief Financial Officer

Judah Bendayan possesses the skills of a business analyst, a strategist and an economics expert all-in-one. With a keen eye for detail, he is known for devising flawless and successful financial plans that drive both sustainability and growth. His meticulous and conscientious work ethic provide him with an uncommon ability to observe and identify covert patterns and shrewdly manage monetary activities. As CFO, Judah is responsible for the finance and administration of the Jesta Group of companies.

Judah Bendayan has accumulated extensive experience in overseeing the financial management of privately held enterprises. Prior to joining Jesta I.S., Judah served as Senior Audit Supervisor for RSM Richter. Following this, he was employed at Richter & Associates Inc., a firm specializing in insolvency and turnaround management. Noted for his commitment to the highest industry standards, he has regularly made an impact for his ability to adhere to delineated plans and meet financial goals and targets.

Arvind Gupta, President

Arvind Gupta has a unique ability to critically analyze broad macroeconomic and technology trends, and decompose them into tactical process improvement and IT solution development roadmaps. He possesses a vision that allows him to foresee the end result with clarity and plan accordingly for long-term and complex endeavors.

Arvind has held a number of leadership positions at Jesta I.S, including Chief Operating Officer, accumulating over 15 years of retail experience. As EVP of Development and Strategy, Arvind directed the growth and expansion of Jesta’s Vision Suite® product line and was instrumental in cementing its place as a leading ERP and retail business management system. He has built and implemented focused and optimized ERP solutions for several notable companies across America, Europe and Asia.

Fittingly, Arvind is a long-distance runner, an activity that appeals to and enhances his determined and disciplined nature.

Peter George, VP, Professional Services

Peter George has extensive experience leading retail-focused teams around the world. He’s managed groups in Australia, Europe, Mexico and North America. His previous leadership roles have included Vice President of Client Services at KWI, Senior Director of Client Services at Epicor Retail and Director, Account Management at NSB Group.

Peter is an excellent problem solver and communicator. He believes in team building through listening, observing and team empowerment. As the Vice President of Professional Services, his goal is to delight Jesta’s clients.

Outside of the office, Peter is an avid outdoor runner and he’s confident that Canadian winters are no match for him.

Scott Pearson, VP, Sales & Marketing

Scott Pearson has 30 years of experience in retail and retail technology, ranging from retail management, Director and VP level positions in high-touch retail, and VP, COO and CEO experience in the retail software industry.

Scott is an accomplished retail executive with a track record of success. He has brought many products to market ranging from clienteling, POS, OMS and omnichannel fulfillment solutions. He has served as a visionary and respected consultant in omnichannel, omni-engagement, supply chain and customer-centric initiatives.

Scott looks for opportunities to engage with retailers and understand their business needs, and approaches these relationships with a common end-goal of moving the needle for the retailer, whether in supply chain, operations or engagement.

Peter Schaefer, Director, Professional Services

Peter Schaefer possesses the capability to visualize the big picture of a product just as clearly as the smallest detail. Using this unique perspective, Peter has successfully spearheaded the development of Jesta I.S.’s point of sale, omnichannel fulfillment and mobile applications. A true Jesta veteran, Peter has held a number of positions over the course of his 12 years with the organization. He now serves as the Director of Professional Services, where he coordinates all client-related projects and implementations. Prior to joining Jesta I.S. in 2005, Peter taught software development and analysis at Herzing College in Montreal.

Peter strongly believes that successful projects are the result of cooperation and creativity from all parties. He therefore stresses teamwork as a priority and always ensures that his co-workers are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to going the extra mile for clients.

Outside of the office, Peter harnesses his boundless energy and sharp focus into his favorite pastime as a competitive motorcyclist and a long-distance motorcycle touring enthusiast.

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