Keep Them Loyal

Smartphones and tablets have made it easy for customers to shop in bed, during their commute, even while waiting in line for coffee. Shoppers can jump from brand to brand with just a click without having to physically move from store to store. Because shopping around is simpler than ever, loyalty programs are crucial to encouraging repeat customers.

With Jesta’s Loyalty module, your shoppers can earn, track and redeem reward points in-store, online, or via a mobile app for complete flexibility; you, of course, define the earn and burn rate. In addition to full omnichannel support, it enables you to create point tiers to make earning engaging and fun; point promotions on specific items for a limited time also encourage participation.

Jesta’s Loyalty module is completely integrated with Vision Store (POS) so information is always aligned. Customers can have their points adjusted in real-time, and can also earn and then redeem “live” for instant gratification.

Omnichannel Functionality

Customers have flexibility to earn, track and redeem anytime, anywhere.

Customer Insights

Member details provide valuable insight for personalized promotions.

Earning Addictions

Point tiers can be created to help you hook customers with interactive earning.

Instant Gratification

Customers can earn and use points “live” thanks to real-time syncing with our POS.

Incentives for Redemption

Point promotions on specific items is another way to encourage interaction.

Brand Love

Customers who feel well rewarded are likely to become brand advocates.

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Hit the High Points

Scan or manually search for customers when they want to redeem.

Compare customers that participate in your loyalty program with those who don’t.

Analyze the point promotions that are the most efficient in cross selling and encouraging omnichannel sales.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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