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Jesta’s Order Management module, e-DOM, is the brain, or engine, or CPU if you will, of our entire omnichannel solution. It’s integrated with Vision POS Store and our Warehouse Management System, and is truly omniscient aka all-knowing. It boasts real-time visibility of your global inventory so your enterprise-wide employees are always in the loop.

It methodically assigns all omnichannel orders, whether placed in-store or through the web, to the most optimal fulfillment site rather than defaulting to just one. Shopping desires are quickly and accurately satisfied and, in turn, payment finalization is accelerated for promptly delivered goods.

What’s more, Jesta’s Order Management abides by your predetermined fulfillment criteria so inventory always moves precisely the way you want. Your stores, your strategies, your success.

Say goodbye to your days as an order coordinator. We’re ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

Completely Intuitive

Employees can achieve functionality quickly — extensive training not required.

Algorithms for Automation

Numerous fulfillment algorithms help you optimize inventory, cost and shipping.

Fulfillment Your Way

Fulfillment strategies can be based on proximity, inventory levels, sales velocity.

Customer Service First

Real-time inventory and order visibility means inquiries can be easily satisfied.

Order Maintenance Portal

Orders can be created/cancelled, items added/removed, profiles updated.

Lower Shipping Costs

Jesta’s ProShip partnership lets you compare carriers to find the best rate.

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Orders with multiple items may be assigned to more than one optimal fulfillment site.

If a picked item is defective, the order will be reassigned to another favorable location.

If a store accepts an order, but doesn’t end up shipping it, head office will be alerted to follow-up.

Our partnership with ProShip makes it easy to find a shipping carrier and the best rate.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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