Financials: Accounts Payable

Pay Back Time

A business’s Accounts Payable are as important as their Accounts Receivable, albeit a little less fun. Paying vendors and suppliers for goods and services should, however, be fast and easy. Jesta’s Accounts Payable automates routine tasks so your employees spend less time dishing out money and more time making it.

The EDI 810 feature, for instance, auto-creates detailed, error-free invoices with or without a purchase order and also for credit notes. The specially formatted invoices are secure, and transmitted electronically from one business to another in seconds. Automating three-way invoice matching is another easy way to save time. The feature cross references invoices with purchase orders and automatically generates an error message if a discrepancy is found. It also ensures that only goods and services received are paid for — and only paid for once.

Another highlight is the AP Expense PO feature, which gives businesses the power to digitize non-trade POs and centralize them on a communal cloud or server. In addition to enabling the sharing of important, but often overlooked non-trade POs, this feature makes the tracking of peripheral spending more organized and accurate than ever.

Freedom Through Automation

Automation minimizes user intervention, reduces the risk of human input errors and increases productivity.

Electronic Efficiency

EDI 810s ensure that invoice details are accurate and secure, while accelerating payment processing.

A Good Match

Invoice accuracy is verified automatically and matched invoices trigger payment processing.

Quick Resolutions

Time-consuming manual checks are eliminated and discrepancies are resolved prior to payment.

Communal Tracking

Digital, non-trade POs facilitate the sharing and tracking of a business’s peripheral spending.

Easy Pre-Payments

Reoccuring expenditures can be programmed to save time and ensure consistent payments.

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Invoicing Made Easy

Auto-created EDI 810 invoices include style, color and pricing info for accurate tracking from purchase to sale.

Automated invoice matching can be scheduled for all invoices or a single one, and can be run for a specific vendor and/or vendor group.

The matching feature also enables budget managers to monitor consumption rates and review accounts that are close to overspending.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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