Warehouse Management

Get Your Flow On

Even though your warehouse may be far away, your inventory data shouldn’t be. Jesta’s Warehouse Management module gives you and your warehouse staff 24/7 real-time access, while also streamlining your facility’s in- and outbound movements.

The tool classifies all incoming merchandise, then automatically updates numbers in your ERP. When it comes to getting the goods for outbound shipments, the system directs employees to the most optimal picking location for ultimate proficiency. The right merchandise gets to customers and stores fast; shopper engagement and your bottom line increase as quickly.

What’s more, when used on smartphones, the mobile device serves double duty as a scanner and GPS to further drive pick and pack efficiency. The desktop version has additional functions for managers and role-based security. Oh, and did we mention cycle counts? Manual and event-driven counts will confirm inventory integrity. Finally, our partnership with ProShip means you can quickly select the most affordable shipping carrier without having to exit the solution.

Are you ready for your warehouse to go 2.0?

Centralized Information

Completely integrated with Vision Sourcing & Demand, and Vision Merchandising.

Efficiency on High

Real-time updates optimizes your warehouse’s in- and outbound shipments.

Smartphones for Productivity

Warehouse staff are free to pick, pack and ship from anywhere in the facility.

Orders Optimized


End-user orders are synced with Vendor Portal so they can be proactively fulfilled by suppliers.

Cost Savings

Wi-Fi functionality means that RFID readers/tags don’t have to be purchased.

(Almost) Paperless

Packing and transport documents are literally the only paper in your warehouse.

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Smooth Operator

Picking and packing is combined in one time-saving step thanks to pre-generated packing labels that can be matched with totes and big box items.

Raw materials are managed and tracked, and inventory numbers are automatically adjusted once parts are assembled into finished goods.

If the wrong item and/or quantity is picked, mistakes are flagged immediately so corrections can be made on the spot.

Packing slips and shipping documents are generated by the system, and can be printed by anyone at anytime so delays are avoided.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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