Commerce de gros et distribution

Oversee Every Detail, From Raw Materials to Finished Goods

In order to stay ahead of varying customer demand while maintaining profitability, wholesalers need to efficiently plan ahead to purchase earlier, in bulk, and at lower costs, and deliver on time. This involves accurately tracking purchase orders, the movement of parts on the way to becoming finished goods, expected material delivery dates, production schedule, shipping and packing, and comparing it with current customer orders and forecasted demand.

Benefit from Real-Time Visibility at Every Step: Importing > Manufacturing > Planning > Sales > Distribution

For the ordering, manufacturing, fulfilling and billing processes to function smoothly, every detail needs to be tracked and accounted for. This way, you can correctly plan and automate the optimal timing of purchases and delivery to customers, keeping your customers satisfied while reducing your own inventory costs.

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Reduce Costs and Time to Market

Know Your Product’s Value at Each Step

Track the precise value added to your product as it goes down the manufacturing phases

Ensure Optimal Supply Levels

Foresee shortage of goods in advance and proactively adjust to ensure timely delivery to your clients

Just-in-Time Inventory

Increase profits by decreasing the time inventory sits in your warehouse by quickly moving goods through manufacturing steps or shipping goods as soon as they are finished

Reduce Cycle Time

Shorten timeline from design to shipping by aligning the shipping date of an order with purchase and sourcing orders

Accurately Predict Future Demand

Manage all your direct sourcing and finished goods procurement information, as well as customer orders in a single platform to match your supply and demand levels.

Automate to Save Time Auto-Generated Actions

Auto-generated actions such as automated purchase and work orders can be programmed to quickly and easily procure materials needed to deliver on time to your customers

We chose Jesta’s Vision Sourcing Solution to replace our legacy purchase order management system that is mainframe-based and required Genesco resources to maintain and support, adding the workflow and tracking capability from Vision Merchandizing for both our wholesale and retail business will allow us to manage shipments by exceptions.

– Denis Harris, Director of IS, Genesco

Wholesale & Distribution Modules

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Procurement & Sourcing

  • B2B Portal

  • Material Resource Planning

  • Credit Management

  • Custom Order Management

  • Demand Management

  • Demand & Supply Sandbox

  • Catalogue Management

  • Financials: Accounts Receivable

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