Inventory Management Software: Gain Control over Your Merchandise

Convert forecasts and plans into disciplined buys, optimal allocations and effective replenishment using Jesta’s inventory management software. Eliminate operational inefficiencies with a flexible, scalable and integrated system that provides visibility of inventory costs, sell-through rates, in-transit and on-order, giving you the control to leverage your most valuable asset – your inventory. Utilize consumer demand to drive key merchandising decisions and improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates, while reducing inventory carrying and operational costs.

Provide buyers, merchandisers and inventory control managers with drill-down capabilities that enable visibility down to the class, subclass, style, sales and inventory levels. Increase sales, avoid excessive markdowns and equalize stock-to-sales ratios using intelligent inventory optimization models and category management analytics.

Empower buyers and merchants with visibility into the state of the supply chain with omnichannel inventory management software and actionable information. Buyers can comfortably manage the entire product life cycle anywhere and at any time with interactive and media-rich tools that are designed to support the merchandising processes.

Reduce Inventory, Increase Stock Turnover
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Maximize Sales

Optimize your sales, avoid excessive markdowns, re-distribute merchandise and equalize stock-to-sales ratios using intelligent stock models.

Inventory Efficiency

Improve GMROI and stock turns with easy-to-use exception-based reporting.


Profit from a built-in allocation module that gives you store clustering capabilities. Dynamically adjust quantities based on performance trends to minimize stock-outs and improve sell-through.

Greater Control

Plan, monitor, allocate and re-order stock with ease, to catalyze your operational processes and boost your bottom line. Multiple stock optimizations put you in control to handle diverse situations.


Benefit from integration with the rest of the Vision Suite, allowing for long-term planning of your IT strategy and investment by incorporating Vision Planning, Vision Forecasting, Vision Store, Vision e-DOM, Vision DC, Vision Financials and Vision BI Analytics.


Gain global access to current information from stores and distribution centers, enabling stock balancing, targeted allocations and improved operational efficiencies. Stock Ledger gives you consistent and summarized views across the enterprise for a single version of the truth.


Ensure that your shelves are always fully stocked using dynamic stock-modeling replenishment algorithms. Vision Merchandising is integrated with Vision Forecasting to guarantee consistency and accuracy across the board.


Customer Satisfaction

Improve your customer satisfaction and conversion rate with comprehensive inventory management software that uses customer demand to inform key decisions.

With Vision Suite we have seen improvements in inventory control, buyer’s business decisions and most importantly, substantial improvements in margins. Our successful relationship with Jesta I.S. continues to make them the best choice as the provider for our merchandising system.

Cindy Whitman LacyVP of Retail
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