Improve Markdown Margins and Strategize Assortments

Vision Forecasting is built to empower businesses with clear identification of sales trends and determination of weekly and/or seasonal influences by leveraging sophisticated demand planning and forecasting algorithms. These forecasts could be further refined by planners and forecasters to account for causal and other known anomalies (weather, sports events, etc.).

The forecasts are then disseminated across the enterprise to provide improved raw material procurement, merchandise and assortment planning, allocation, replenishment and price optimization decisions. The resulting data ensures a consistent implementation of inventory management strategies and tactical activities, resulting in optimized supply chains, improved operating performance and increased customer satisfaction.

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Functions in harmony with your merchandising activities, putting you in the best position to provide optimal demand planning directives – for fewer out-of-stocks and higher margins.

Align Supply with Demand

Target sales early so cross-functional teams can be actively engaged in decisions that impact the design and optimization of marketing, supply chain and store-level activities associated with the introduction of new products.

Strength in Numbers

Take advantage of numerous retail forecasting algorithms that automatically determine best-fit forecast for seasonal, fashion, short life-cycle and basic product categories.

Target Markdowns

Enhance inventory management decisions for both in-house and external demand planning applications by isolating prime markdown candidates.

Visual & Simple

Quickly and clearly grasp trends and seasonality with the help of graphical representation of forecasts and seasonal indices – displayed on an easy to use interface.

Vision Forecasting is designed to be easily integrated into the enterprise process allowing it to be effectively leveraged to enhance inventory management decisions for both in-house and external demand planning application.

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