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Jesta I.S. Recognized as No. 1 Software Vendor in Multiple Categories in 2019 RIS Software LeaderBoard Report

RIS LeaderBoard

Montreal, QC, Canada (December 7, 2018) – Jesta I.S. Inc., a global leader in integrated ERP solutions for wholesale and omnichannel retail, has placed seventh in this year’s edition of the prestigious RIS Software LeaderBoard Top 20 and first in four major categories: Customer Satisfaction by Midsize Retailers, Leaders in Software Reliability, Leaders in Ease of Administration and Leaders in Return on Investment.

The Software LeaderBoard is published annually by RIS News, a monthly retail publication distributed to 23,000 industry executives across retail’s major verticals throughout the US and overseas. It’s considered to be one of the industry’s most influential guides and is a go-to reference for global retailers searching for leading software vendors with a commitment to customer service.

In addition to placing seventh in the coveted Top 20 overall and No. 1 in four prominent categories, the Montreal-based company placed in the Top 5 in 13 additional categories: Midsize Vendor Leaders (5); Customer Satisfaction for Midsize Vendors (4); Customer Satisfaction for Broad Suite Vendors (3); Apparel Vendor Leaders (4); Apparel Vendors in Customer Satisfaction (4); Top Vendors for Tier-One Retailers (4); Top Vendors in Customer Satisfaction (4); Top Vendors in Retail Concentration (4); Leaders in Overall Performance (2); Leaders in Total Cost of Operation (3); Leaders in Quality of Support (3); Leaders in Quality of Service (2); Leaders in Recommendation (3).

Jesta also placed first in eight categories focused on the satisfaction of midsize retailers, including No. 1 in Leaders in Overall Performance, Software Reliability and Quality of Support.

“Jesta’s results are truly impressive,” said Joseph Skorupa, Editorial Director of RIS News. “Jesta is a midsize company, making them slightly smaller than many giant competitors and yet they’re consistently top-ranked tech leaders year after year proving that size doesn’t matter in achieving excellence. Retailers should clearly take notice of Jesta’s outstanding 2019 RIS LeaderBoard results.”

“I’m thrilled and extremely proud about Jesta’s placement in the 2019 Software LeaderBoard,” said Moris Chemtov, President of Jesta I.S. “Our clients have always been our number one priority and recognition in terms of customer satisfaction is truly rewarding. It’s a testament that our focus and goals are in the right place.”

The RIS Software LeaderBoard scores are the result of 585 head-to-head evaluations submitted by 294 retailers. Invitations to fill out the evaluation forms are sent to retailers by Litchfield Research; only executives significantly responsible for technology can vote. The Software LeaderBoard is considered to be the most objective and unbiased guide in the industry.

About the RIS LeaderBoard: The RIS LeaderBoard is a rigorous evaluation of software vendors by the people who know them best — actual retail customers. The LeaderBoard ranks vendors based on customer satisfaction across a wide range of criteria serving as an objective guide to help retailers find the vendors and solutions they need. To learn more, visit

Media Contact: Ana Bertolucci, Marketing & Communications Manager,, +1-514-925-5152 ext. 5224

RIS Software LeaderBoard     RIS Software LeaderBoard


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