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Jesta I.S. Congratulates Cobra PUMA Golf for Apparel Magazine Award


Written by: Deena M. Amato-McCoy (Apparel Magazine, June 2014)

Tiger Woods. Rory McIlroy. Jesper Parnevik. Lexi Thompson. Besides their exceptional talent, these professional golfers are known for their distinct fashion style on the course. Fans and golf enthusiasts alike are getting in on the trend, and with the help of a customization tool from Cobra PUMA Golf, shoppers are fulfilling their dreams of fashionably hitting the green with their own spin on style, from apparel to customized, affordable golf clubs.

One of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA is known for its colorful designs and innovative development and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories. Company-wide, PUMA distributes products across 120 countries, and its offerings are vast. However, today’s shopper is changing the game, and upping the ante for its favorite brands.

Today’s consumers demand a shopping experience and merchandise that is tailored to their specific, personal needs and wants. Cobra PUMA Golf shoppers already create personalized apparel and footwear, and the company is now offering its shoppers an opportunity to design personalized golf clubs, configured from an inventory of hundreds of customizable components.

“We probably have upwards of 10,000 possible configurations between heads, shafts, grips, colors and other accessories,” said John Brabants, IT director, Cobra PUMA Golf. “As younger players begin making a name for themselves, they want to stand out.”

Cobra PUMA Golf is making this happen with a customization tool from Jesta I.S. that allows shoppers to create their own signature set of golf clubs. Because PUMA’s North American operations were already using Jesta, the implementation of the vendor’s Custom Configuration software was a natural progression for the golf brand.

The process begins over the phone with a customer service agent who walks shoppers through their component options. With a live view into inventory, the agent is able to inform the shopper of component availability and replenishment timelines associated with any out-of-stock items. Behind the scenes, the software runs a complex matrix of “what-if” scenarios that react specifically according to a shopper’s evolving component selections, and all suggestions are based on a live view into inventory availability.

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“The software is connected to sales order software, which allows us to create custom orders,” Brabants explained. “All customized orders filter into our Carlsbad, Calif.-based headquarters and custom warehouse. Here, orders are sent to the shop floor, put together and shipped out.”

After three years of using the software, the company is speeding up turnaround of merchandise, lowering turnaround time to a mere 24 hours, he added.

To further streamline this service, Cobra PUMA Golf is opening a new West Coastbased assembly facility. “It will be stocking product, such as inventory and raw materials, and aid in assembly of fashions and support just-in-time shipments,” he said.

The 150,000-square-foot depot is currently ramping up operations and will be fully functional by summer.

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