The Jesta I.S. Management Team

For a glimpse of Jesta I.S.’s unique brand of domain experience, technical know-how and personal touch, look no further than our leadership team. Comprised of industry-leading experts in their respective fields, our management team brings ample knowledge and direction to both the internal Jesta I.S. team and to our clients, helping them achieve their business goals while continuously driving innovation.

Executive Team


Leadership -President-MorisMoris Chemtov, President

Moris Chemtov leads by example, an epitome of discipline, organisation and humility. He is the captain of the ship at Jesta I.S. and excels in team building and change management. With over thirty years of experience in retailing, manufacturing and distribution systems he has a proven track record in delivering outstanding service to a varied client base. Moris has fostered strong, wide-ranging and long-lasting relationships with many current leaders in the specialty and soft goods industries. He has been vigorously driving growth and innovation at Jesta I.S. and has solidified its presence in the industry as a premier supplier of retail and wholesale supply chain solutions.

Before joining Jesta I.S. in 2011, Moris served as director and leader of Deloitte’s Retail Consulting practice. Prior to that, he was both the founder and president of TIE Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in Oracle Retail implementation and integration consulting services. He has held a number of senior management positions with several esteemed firms, including Retek Inc. (now Oracle) and Richter Systems (now Jesta I.S.).

Moris is a strong believer in the values of teamwork and cooperation to achieve larger goals, so it is only fitting that his greatest passion outside the office is the game of soccer, one that he has passed on to his children as well.  He is an avid fan of FC Barcelona and a keen follower of the EPL.

Leadership -CFO-JudahJudah Bendayan, CFO

Judah Bendayan possesses the skills of a business analyst, a strategist and an economics expert all-in-one. With a keen eye for detail, he is known for devising flawless and successful financial plans that drive both sustainability and growth. His meticulous and conscientious work ethic provide him with an uncommon ability to observe and identify covert patterns and shrewdly manage monetary activities. As Chief Financial Officer, Judah is responsible for the finance and administration of the Jesta Group of companies.

Throughout his career, Judah Bendayan has accumulated extensive experience in overseeing the financial management of privately held enterprises. Prior to joining Jesta I.S., Judah served as Senior Audit Supervisor for RSM Richter. Following this, he was employed at Richter & Associates Inc., a firm specializing in insolvency and turnaround management. Noted for his commitment to the highest industry standards, he has regularly made an impact for his ability to adhere to delineated plans and meet financial goals and targets.

my-linkedin-profile-buttonLeadership -COO-ArvindArvind Gupta, COO

Arvind Gupta has a unique ability to critically analyze broad macroeconomic and technology trends and decompose them into tactical process improvement and IT solution development roadmaps. He possesses a vision that allows him to foresee the end result with clarity and plan accordingly for long-term and complex endeavors. His current responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer include Product Development, Strategy, IT Infrastructure and Professional Services for Retail.

Arvind has held a number of leadership positions at Jesta I.S, accumulating over fifteen years of retail experience. In his previous role as EVP of Development and Strategy, Arvind directed the growth and expansion of Jesta’s Vision Suite ® product line and was instrumental in cementing its place as a leading ERP and retail business management system. He has built and implemented focused and optimized ERP solutions for several notable companies across America, Europe and Asia.

Fittingly, he is a long-distance runner, an activity that appeals to his determined and disciplined nature and one that enhances these qualities in turn.

Leadership -VP-PS-MichaelMichael Leibowitz, Director of Customer Care

Michael Leibowitz harbors an innate curiosity for getting the full story on any project he takes on. With laser-like focus, he is able to combine data from various aspects of businesses and filter it into relevant actionable information. He consistently seeks to expand and enhance his knowledge both professionally and personally, a spirit he imparts to the whole Jesta team. As Director of Customer Care, he oversees and maintains a customer care structure to offer excellent post-implementation services and training.

Michael brings to Jesta over twenty years of project management and leadership experience, ten of which focused on omnichannel, wholesale and retail industries. In his earlier role at Hybris, Michael was a catalyst in the enhancement of their e-commerce solutions. He has made a mark in the industry for his ability to devise turn-around strategies that boost organizational growth. Strict adherence to best practices has made Michael a key driving force in positioning various enterprises as global industry leaders.

Michael’s persistence and concentration can be credited to his 25 years of training in Martial Arts. Always striving for excellence, he has attained instructor level expertise in Kung Fu and delights in teaching these skills to others. Michael indulges his deep thirst for knowledge by reading about art history, especially the evolution of styles and techniques from the classical period to modern art.

Leon Hayot, Senior Director of Global Sales & Marketing

Leon Hayot holds a reputation for always putting the customer first, and continually meeting and exceeding his sales objectives. These skills, combined with his diverse managerial experience, make him the perfect fit to oversee Jesta I.S.’s Sales and Marketing teams. As the Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Leon is responsible for matching the client’s business needs with the ideal solutions for store operations, sourcing, inventory management, purchasing, distribution, CRM, and logistics, in addition to spearheading lead generation and business development efforts.

Deeply rooted in solid experience, Leon has acquired over twenty years of knowledge and success in the field of sales of IT business solutions. Prior to joining Jesta I.S. in 2017, Leon held positions at a number of large software corporations, including NCR, Progress Software Corporation, and over 10 years at Oracle.  In the last years at Oracle, Leon held the senior position managing large retail enterprises and has gathered knowledge through working with partners to collaborate on the implementation of technology solutions for customers across North America.

Leon’s interest in apparel and retail that would come to characterize his professional career began at an early age, having worked alongside his father in his tailoring business and later in a clothing boutique.

Peter Schaefer, Director of Professional Services

Peter Schaefer possesses the capability to visualize the big picture of a product just as clearly as the smallest detail. Using this unique perspective, Peter has successfully spearheaded the development of Jesta I.S.’s point of sale, omnichannel fulfillment and mobile applications. A true Jesta veteran, Peter has held a number of positions over the course of his 12 years with the organization. He now serves as the Director of Professional Services, where he coordinates all client-related projects and implementations. Prior to joining Jesta I.S. in 2005, Peter taught software development and analysis at Herzing College in Montreal.

Peter strongly believes that successful projects are the result of cooperation and creativity from all parties. He therefore stresses teamwork as a priority and always ensures that his co-workers are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to going the extra mile for clients.

Outside of the office, Peter harnesses his boundless energy and sharp focus into his favorite pastime as a competitive motorcyclist and a long-distance motorcycle touring enthusiast.