Arvind Gupta has a unique ability to critically analyze broad macroeconomic and technology trends, and decompose them into tactical process improvement and IT solution development roadmaps. He possesses a vision that allows him to foresee the end result with clarity and plan accordingly for long-term and complex endeavors.

Arvind has held a number of leadership positions at Jesta I.S, including Chief Operating Officer, accumulating over fifteen years of retail experience. As EVP of Development and Strategy, Arvind directed the growth and expansion of Jesta’s Vision Suite ® product line and was instrumental in cementing its place as a leading ERP and retail business management system. He has built and implemented focused and optimized ERP solutions for several notable companies across America, Europe and Asia.

Fittingly, he is a long-distance runner, an activity that appeals to his determined and disciplined nature and one that enhances these qualities in turn.

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