Michael Leibowitz

Michael Leibowitz harbors an innate curiosity for getting the full story on any project he takes on. With laser-like focus, he is able to combine data from various aspects of businesses and filter it into relevant actionable information. He consistently seeks to expand and enhance his knowledge both professionally and personally, a spirit he imparts to the whole Jesta team. As Director of Customer Care, he oversees and maintains a customer care structure to offer excellent post-implementation services and training.

Michael brings to Jesta over twenty years of project management and leadership experience, ten of which focused on omnichannel, wholesale and retail industries. In his earlier role at Hybris, Michael was a catalyst in the enhancement of their e-commerce solutions. He has made a mark in the industry for his ability to devise turn-around strategies that boost organizational growth. Strict adherence to best practices has made Michael a key driving force in positioning various enterprises as global industry leaders.

Michael’s persistence and concentration can be credited to his 25 years of training in Martial Arts. Always striving for excellence, he has attained instructor level expertise in Kung Fu and delights in teaching these skills to others. Michael indulges his deep thirst for knowledge by reading about art history, especially the evolution of styles and techniques from the classical period to modern art.

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