Moris Chemtov

Moris Chemtov leads by example, an epitome of discipline, organisation and humility. He is the captain of the ship at Jesta I.S. and excels in team building and change management. With over thirty years of experience in retailing, manufacturing and distribution systems, he has a proven track record in delivering outstanding service to a varied client base. Moris has fostered strong, wide-ranging and long-lasting relationships with many current leaders in the specialty and soft goods industries. He has been vigorously driving growth and innovation at Jesta I.S. and has solidified its presence in the industry as a premier supplier of retail and wholesale supply chain solutions.

Before joining Jesta I.S. in 2011, Moris served as director and leader of Deloitte’s Retail Consulting practice. Prior to that, he was both the founder and president of TIE Consulting Inc., a firm specializing in Oracle Retail implementation and integration consulting services. He has held a number of senior management positions with several esteemed firms, including Retek Inc. (now Oracle) and Richter Systems (now Jesta I.S.).

Moris is a strong believer in the values of teamwork and cooperation to achieve larger goals, so it is only fitting that his greatest passion outside the office is the game of soccer, one that he has passed on to his children as well. He is an avid fan of FC Barcelona and a keen follower of the EPL.

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