Web Full Stack Developer

To apply for this position, please send your resume to careers@jestais.com.

We’re looking for a Web Full stack developer to fit into our Retail and Omnichannel development team. The team builds software that powers our clients’ Retail operations – in Store, our clients use our Point-of-Sale system (the registers) and its corresponding ecosystem, and at Head Office, our clients manage stores chainwide, and broker and route omnichannel Orders (whether they are ordered online or in-store).

Our Web software stack currently consists of an AngularJS-based web application, an ASP.NET Core MVC web app, and mixed Java and .NET web services (we also have some no-longer-supported legacy webapps in JSP and Perl). We are looking to the future and hoping to unify (and modernize) our web application stack – we are leaning towards a fully .NET-based web stack to match our Desktop stack and unify the languages and tools used, both team and company-wide. For the database, we use Oracle and make heavy use of Stored Procedures for the business logic.

This means that this position needs to be comfortable working across different web technology stacks, and be able to suggest and work new potential avenues in the future (as web technology is always evolving!).

This is a Mid-Senior position within the team.

What you’ll do

  • Full stack software development in the Retail domain (POS/Store & Ecommerce related)
  • Collaborate with the team to produce high quality code within an agile SDLC ecosystem
  • Participate in design aspects, including brainstorming, solutionizing/specification collaboration, and possibly UI/UX input
  • Participate in estimating technical work and tasks (high level and possibly low level as needed)
  • Solve problems and troubleshoot production issues, in coordination with the Services and Support teams
  • Learn the tools and technology required to get the work done as well as improve the products
  • Follow and maintain technical documentation as needed, and guide other teammates to ensure cohesiveness and a unified documentation style/approach
  • Assist teammates with coding issues and uphold quality and coding standards
  • Keep technical debt as low as possible, and determine if and when cleanup is required

What we’re looking for

  • A “T-shaped” technical personality with the focal area being quality software development, modern architectures, and software development processes/lifecycles
  • 4+ years experience with HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 and at least one or more of the following frameworks: AngularJS, Angular, React
  • Familiarity with .NET web development such as ASP.NET Core MVC/Razor/Blazor, or willingness to learn
  • 4+ years experience with Web middleware and WebService API building in Java, .NET, or NodeJS (both RESTful and SOAP based), and the knowledge in installation and configuration of middleware (on premise, in the cloud) including appropriate webserver familiarity (Apache/Tomcat, nginx, NodeJS, IIS, etc.)
  • 3+ years working with Oracle database and PL/SQL, the ability to quickly understand data models, and SQL performance tuning/considerations
  • Ability to easily understand architecture and design patterns, and knowledgeable in building scalable, performant software, and in particular, designing web-based architectures/solutions
  • Familiarity with collaborative source control such as Git, and DevOps/NoOps concepts and infrastructure; Azure DevOps familiarity is a big plus
  • Comfortable working with CLIs (Windows cmd/PowerShell, ‘Nix bash) and getting your hands dirty with scripting/automation
  • Familiarity with virtualization, cloud environments (Azure & Oracle clouds in particular), and containers (Docker)
  • Strong research skills to understand new areas, and troubleshoot complex problems
  • Comfortable explaining complex ideas to others, and giving presentations to the team for training or collaborative purposes
  • Comfortable in reading and following documentation, and writing updates/content as needed
  • Passion for automation and making things better in the SDLC stack, whether it’s developing, building, deploying, or configuring
  • Participate in identifying the best solution to a problem, weighing in factors such as time, skillset, and existing codebase
  • Passionate in technology stacks, keeping up with new technology, and exploring ideas and prototyping
  • Ability to understand how “technical” ties into “business” from a product/project point of view
  • Comfortable working in a team setting, or individually with appropriate instructions/guidance
  • Familiarity with the Retail/Wholesale/Ecommerce industry and terminology is a plus

To apply for this position, please send your resume to careers@jestais.com.

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