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Information overload is real. Staying on top of what products are performing well and what isn’t, products that are high on inventory and those that are low, and what is likely to be in demand next season can be overwhelming, particularly when you have data coming in from hundreds of stores and thousands of customers.

Jesta’s Alerts & Workflow Management module is powered by Snowflake and Tableau. It monitors your real-time, cross-channel business data, and can be configured to notify you of the crucial data priorities of your choosing. If your sales numbers dip below a certain number, for example, Alerts & Workflow can be triggered to send a report to you by email or to your mobile device. Both analysis and action can then be initiated directly from your Tableau dashboard.

Alerts & Workflow can be implemented for any application within Jesta’s systems. In addition to ensuring that your data priorities are never overlooked, the management module can help keep business life cycles moving by prompting action by specific individuals or departments or automatically executing subsequent processes.

Universal Alerts

Alerts & Workflow can be implemented for any application within Jesta’s systems.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time data is pushed into your business platform without the need to do manual updates.

A System that Works

In addition to creating, scheduling and assigning alerts, automate processes and let the system do the work for you.

Alerts that Empower

Individuals are notified of significant events so they are empowered to take appropriate action.

Action While on the Go

Alerts can be sent to mobile devices so that actions can be approved or initiated anywhere at any time.

From Alert to Action

Actions can be launched on the same screen as alert notifications for more efficient workflows.

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Stay One Step Ahead

The Alerts & Workflow Management module’s integration with Jesta’s end-to-end Vision Suite systems allows the user to query against multiple data sources to stay informed on any department event based on pre-defined business rules.

Pre-defined alert templates enable the user to define the alert structure and the data fields related to it. Reports can be associated and scheduled to facilitate the user’s decision making.

With the Alert scheduler, set a schedule for the alerts to run on a specific day or period as required, ensuring no notifications are missed.

Our Vision Suite

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