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Answers is an application available within Jesta’s Vision Central Portal (VCP) that can be used with all of Jesta’s modules. While standard reports are available in VCP, Answers consists of reports that have been defined by the user, personalized to their individual needs.

The user can decide the number of reports they want to run, and set the order and volume. The VCP dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of all the user’s Answers reports, generated using real-time data, which is crucial when making important business decisions and managing by exception.

The custom reports’ advanced visualizations highlight achievements and areas of concern. The reports can be accessed on any device, empowering users with meaningful data and visibility from anywhere at any time.

Shorter To-Do Lists

Automatically pushing information through daily reduces the time spent on running individual reports.

Dynamic Reports

No user intervention is required once reports have been created and scheduled; they’re displayed and updated automatically.

Data Security

Advanced security parameters ensure that only authorized users access the reports assigned to their profile.

Mobile Friendly

Reports can be delivered across all mobile devices so you can respond and make decisions promptly.

Deep Dive

Reports can be interactive and linked to other reports, reducing data digging and other exploration tasks.

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Look no Further to Obtain your Answers

Users can create dynamic, personalized reports by defining the business rules. Reporting capabilities are fully integrated with all of Jesta’s modules, allowing the user to query many data sources.


Users get notified across all devices when reports are generated thanks to Push Notifications. Users can automatically send reports in real time to pre-determined recipients or give users or groups access to specific reports.

The Flexible Scheduler Tool provide you with the capability to run the reports at a certain time and frequency according to your needs. 

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