Customer Insights (CRM)

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Customers have more power than ever. They can search, compare, read reviews and share feedback on brands, products, in-store interactions, customer service and more. As a result, the focus of many retail business’s has shifted from selling products and services to delivering personal shopping experiences that are unique and memorable.

Jesta’s Customer Insights (CRM) module is driven by Snowflake and Tableau. It leverages our Vision Analytics solution to deliver advanced and actionable multi-channel customer data via interactive visual analytics and UI/UX-optimized dashboards. Jesta’s CRM gives businesses the ability to create, edit and refine enterprise-specific customer segments based on user-defined parameters and then push them to POS-enabled systems for shopper incentives that actually connect.

Jesta’s CRM is AI-powered with the ability to “learn” from the past to help you more successfully segment shoppers, predict demand, optimize product mix and make more targeted purchase recommendations to strengthen omnichannel satisfaction and loyalty.

Communal Sharing

A central, cloud-based repository makes data consolidation feasible.

Real-Time Data

Customer data is updated in real time for agile decision making.


Immediate Analysis

Analysis begins immediately thanks to several pre-loaded customer segments.

Decision-Making on the Go

Interactive data visualizations make analytics easy to digest on any device.

Incentives that Engage

Promotions and recommendations are better targeted to more successfully connect.

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Find Meaningful Customer Information

The interactive data visualizations are easy to digest on desktops, tablets and smartphones; intuitive drag-and-drop features enable faster deep diving and decision making.

Purchase correlations can be drawn via the basket analysis tool, and both customer segments and purchase correlations can be saved to POS-enabled systems for smart, strategic, data-based promotions.

The CRM features a comments section for specific notes about each shopper, for example, details on when he/she is returning from holiday so their order can finally ship, which will further strengthen customer retention and loyalty.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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