Endless Aisle

Break Down the (Retail) Walls

In a perfect retail world, your brick-and-mortar stores would have infinite physical space. Your shelves would stretch on for miles, giving you the ability to offer customers unlimited choice and sell at an unstoppable rate. If only things were so.

While truly limitless physical space is impossible, Jesta’s Endless Aisle gets you as close as you can get. In addition to accessing your real-time global inventory at stores and the warehouse, it opens the doors to all of your vendors’ stock so you can get your customers precisely what they want even if you don’t have it. After all, nobody should loose a sale.

In addition to vastly expanding your product offerings thereby increasing satisfaction and sales, Jesta’s Endless Aisle methodically fulfills and ships orders from your most optimal store or warehouse so customer desires are met, and done so quickly.

We want to give you our retail sledgehammer. Are you ready?

POS Stocked Up

Associates can view inventory from stores, the warehouse and suppliers.

Creative Sales

Inventory that you have yet to purchase from vendors is sold and dropshipped.

All Knowing

The merchandise that you have on hand is viewable with by the second accuracy.

More Goods for Less

Product portfolios are extended without incurring any storage costs and headaches.

Added-Value Partnerships

Additional sales opportunities are opened up to your vendors — win-win for everyone.

Invoicing Made Easy

Invoices for items that vendors have delivered to end users are in the ERP.

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Deliver the Goods

Associates can find items without leaving the POS or the customer.

Moreover, orders, invoices, and fulfillment and shipping info are in one centralized place. 

Customers decide how and where they would like to receive their order.

Notifications are emailed to you so you can update customers each time an order’s status changes.

Integration with ProShip makes it easy to find a shipping carrier and the best rate.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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