Gift Card

The Cards are Stacked in Your Favor

Offering gifts cards is a no brainer. In addition to ease (for the giver) and practicality (for the receiver), the cards act as little ad spaces that promote your brand to new customers. What’s more, shoppers tend to spend more when part of their purchase has already been paid for.

Jesta’s out-of-the-box omnichannel Gift Card module is an add-on to Vision Store (POS). Traditionalists can get plastic cards; modern-day minimalists can get digital versions. Both can be bought, used, tracked and refilled in store and online for complete cross-channel flexibility.

Add gift cards to your arsenal for an added-value way to do retail battle.

Easy to Implement

Completely integrated with Vision Store (POS) to keep things simple and costs low.

Get Physical — or Not

Plastic and digital gift cards give customers old and new school options.

Omnichannel Functionality

Cards can be bought, used, tracked and refilled in store, online and via an app.

Money Without Movement

Sales are made without making a dent in any of your inventory.

Retain Revenue

Store credit issued via gift cards prevents lost revenue from item returns.


The pocket-sized card is a portable ad that builds your brand.

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Play Your Cards Right

Quickly and easily sell a gift card, top up a gift card, or inquire on a gift card balance. They can also be sold in bulk to satisfy corporate needs.

Moreover, fixed-amount cards can be generated and sold in stores other than your own to further promote your brand and drive sales.

Reports reveal when and where cards were sold, and also what they were used to purchase.

Balances are held centrally and acquired in real time so cards can’t be used fraudulently.

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