Mobile POS

Store Operations Using a "Mobile-First" Approach

Consumers are reliant on digital devices now more than ever and leverage them for just about everything they do, especially shopping. Mobile technology has become the ultimate omnichannel foundation for retailers. Putting the power of Jesta’s mobile technology into the hands of the store associates will allow them to connect with the digital-savvy shopper.

Jesta’s Mobile POS busts through lines by meeting customers where they are instead of making them wait to get to you, boosting customer-associate engagement and service. The mobile POS can complete a full range of transactions in a variety of tenders, gather and update customer profiles, check on omnichannel orders, and print gift receipts on a mobile printer.

Jesta’s Runner App tells the back store what associates on the floor need; our Answers App reveals to managers which items and associates are selling the best; our Inventory Management App streamlines cycle counts by tracking who is counting what. Finally, Jesta’s Mobile Kiosk module enables shoppers to browse items and check on real-time in-store availability, which saves them, and your associates, loads of time.

Now’s the time your associates have as much mobile functionality and flexibility as the modern-day shopper.

Consumer White Label App

The “Self Service” feature allows customers to locate items and verify availability without an associate.

Omnichannel Transactions

A full range of POS transactions can be executed anywhere inside and outside the store (curbside).

Sales Floor Runner

Associates don’t have to leave customers or the floor to collect items from the “back.”

Reporting & Goal Gamification

Real-time sales numbers and staff performance are always within reach.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel orders ship more quickly in stores that double as fulfillment centers.

Place & Locate Inventory

Scanning bar codes ensures more accurate cycle counts rather than manual tabulation.

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We’ve Got An App For That

Customers can browse at the kiosk, select the items they like then instantly send the items to the POS to collect and pay for them.

When an item request is made by associates through the Runner App, runners can pinpoint the exact location of the store request in for maximum efficiency.

Omnichannel orders can be placed on mobile devices and customers choose where they’d like their delivery sent: current store, another store or to a home/work address.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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