Store Inventory Management

Inventory by the Numbers

Whether your shop is 1000 square feet or 10,000, a mom-and-pop shop or a big-box store, there are many things that go into running a retail business. One of the biggest is inventory management. After all, without any goods, your store would just be a big empty space.


Jesta’s Store Inventory Management module streamlines the way your store employees track your inbound and outbound merchandise. Inbound goods may be due to returns or transfers from the warehouse or other stores. Special orders (made-to-measure suits or luxury items in colors that you don’t regularly carry) are managed here too. Outbound goods are sales, store transfers or orders that are being shipped to customers if your stores serve double-duty as fulfillment centers.


Despite this constant bi-directional movement of goods, not to mention the pesky issue of theft and/or misplaced goods, your inventory is always accurate with Jesta’s Store Inventory Management module. Cycle counts executed with mobile phones for extra flexibility enable you to cross reference the amount of goods you (and your POS system) think you have with the quantity you actually do. This number is extremely important to financial departments when reconciling purchases with profits.

Success by Scanning

Counting items using an app reduces mistakes that occur with manual tabulation.

Go Straight to the Goods

Employees can go to the goods with mobile devices rather than having to bring things to the POS station.

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Accurate inventory ensures that stores can accept and fulfill omni orders without any hiccups.

An Eye on Special Orders

Custom orders for special customers strengthens loyalty (and spending!).

Financial Matters

Inventory numbers that can be easily verified regularly makes financial reconciliation go smoothly.

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Take Stock

Integration with Jesta’s Place and Locate App, helps employees easily find all of the in-store merchandise they need to count, which is particularly useful in large stores.

Integration with Jesta’s Product App is another alternative that allows customers to search by brand, category, color, size etc.

When several employees are counting different items, the Cycle Count App keeps track of who is counting what.

Custom orders will prompt the POS for item details to help associatesdetermine prices; the POS will save prices for custom orders that are done regularly.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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