Markdown Optimization

An Upside to Markdowns

Most customers know where the sale section is in their favorite store. In fact, many make a beeline for it from the store entrance. But while shoppers love markdowns, you may not. Jesta’s Markdown Optimization module makes price cutting easier on everyone.

Jesta’s Markdown Optimization module enables buyers to manage the lifecycle of styles and automate markdowns on dormant styles based on predefined merchant rules (corporate or category level). The tool uses algorithms to identify styles with declining activity, then gives buyers the opportunity to review, include or exclude styles, and approve auto reductions on a regional basis. Three rounds of markdowns can be scheduled; a style can eventually have its status updated to inactive.

Busy merchants appreciate automated markdowns because automation frees them from having to make difficult pricing decisions. What’s more, the tool draws on data that retailers already have on hand so implementation is easy. Finally, because the solution triggers carefully targeted, early markdowns, it helps eliminate costly late-lifecycle price cuts.

Markdowns don’t have to be painful; Jesta can provide some relief.

Automation to the Rescue

Automated markdowns save busy merchants time and headaches.

Rules your Way

User-defined rules and schedules give merchants control and flexibility.

Valuable Alerts

When low-selling stock is easily identified you can take action fast.

Floor Optimization

Old merchandise is liquidated quickly which optimizes limited floor-space.

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A Cut Above the Rest

The inactivity scan can be scheduled to run as a one-time occurrence or as a recurring task.

Specific styles can be excluded from the automated markdown logic.

A style may be eligible for second and third markdown even if the previous markdown level was not executed.

Our Vision Suite

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