Merchandise Planning

Big Picture Planning

Merchandise planners far and wide have to consider two main things: money and demand. While some retailers do this from two very separate spreadsheets, Jesta’s Merchandise Planning module considers cost and customer desires simultaneously. After all, your product purchases have to suit both your financial and customer-driven needs.

Jesta’s Merchandise Planning module is wholly integrated with Vision Merchandising (read: one centralized, single version of the truth). Planning and Merchandising can be synchronized on command or scheduled to do so as you wish. Jesta’s Planning tool accommodates multiple plans (original, current and working) so you can review and modify, then easily compare different planned tactics against each other.

Calculating revenue, margins and open-to-buys in tight harmony with past performance and inventory forecasts, while cascading planning scenarios top-down or bottom-up at the executive or merchandise level, improves the success rate of your merchandise strategies. What’s more, when adjustments have to be made, this kind of holistic approach makes time-consuming recalculations easier, faster and more precise.

Combine your data sources — there’s strength in numbers.

Holistic Methodology

A unified starting point for planning means you can assess future adjustments and opportunities easily.

Partner in Merchandising

Inventory, store and sales information is always aligned in Vision Merchandising and Planning.

Open-To-Buy Management

Plan receipts used to derive an OTB are automatically leveraged in Vision Merchandising during PO creation.

Flexible Views

Plan views can be switched on the fly:  currency, currency/units, currency by quarter, or currency/units by quarter.

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A Plan for Profitability

When a supervisor approves a planner’s working plan, it’s automatically copied to the original plan and/or current plan, a welcome safety net in times of need.

The system can house multiple plans: up to four working (draft) plans, the original plan, the current (revised) plan and the actual plan with historical values from Vision Merchandising.

Product plans can be viewed weekly, monthly, quarterly, by season or annually, and be exported to Excel, manipulated and then reimported into the system.

Our Vision Suite

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