Size-Pack Optimization

A Perfect Fit

Sizing can be complex. Beyond chest and waist sizes, there are sleeve, inseam and outseam lengths, head sizes (baseball caps), neck sizes (ties), and we haven’t even gotten to shoes. What’s more, stores have to carry optimal size assortments for men, women and kids.

Jesta’s Size-Pack Optimization module eliminates size ordering guesswork and helps you determine the optimal quantity per size to purchase to satisfy demand and maximize sales based on historical sales performance of the same or similar items by store. Vendors can then prepare and distribute size prepacks destined for specific retail locations (read: no manual size sorting at the warehouse).

Prepacks can contain pre-determined quantities of all sizes, a mix of smaller sizes, or a mix of larger ones depending on site specifics such as customer demographics. For example, one prepack can include items that are sold the most and serve all stores; a second prepack can be created for one “extreme,” that is, an area where a specific size or ranges of sizes is predominant, and so on.

After analyzing sales performance, size runs that sold well can be replicated; alternatively, new size runs can be created. Buyers can, of course, make modifications to numbers one by one manually anytime.

Let Jesta’s Size-Pack Optimization module size things up for you.

Intelligent Ordering

Ordering and distributing sizes based on historical demand and sales reduces overstocks.

Customers First

Shopper demand is satisfied when store characteristics like customer demographics are considered.

Analysis Made Easy

System-generated size-pack suggestions eliminates the need for time-consuming sales analysis.

No Warehouse Middlemen

Vendor assembled prepacks saves warehouse employees from having to sort and send size packs.

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The Big and Small of Things

An existing size pack can be viewed and analyzed against historical sales by style/stores by specifying the pack code in the selection criteria.

You can compare new pack quantities against historical sales performance by style/stores, and adjust quantities by dimension/size as desired.


When you’re satisfied with the system’s suggestions for new pack quantities, click a button and a new screen will prompt you for pack id and description.

Our Vision Suite

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