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Item organization in the midst of a massive in-store sale is impossible: a sweater here, a jumpsuit there, a left shoe without a right, and on and on. But that kind of chaos can’t happen on the retail regular.

Jesta’s Place and Locate module helps retailers define their store layouts so they can methodically designate merchandise to front, back and receiving locations. Custom locations are possible and have their own inventory movement rules, for example, damaged and/or non-sellable goods. The application is mobile-based and connects via Wi-Fi. It can function at the SKU or style level.

The benefits of Jesta’s Place and Locate are threefold. First, associates in big stores known for short life cycle items can easily sort and retrieve ever-evolving merchandise with support from an in-pocket directory. Read: no more confusion due to constant change. Second, section suggestions for new items that are similar to current ones keeps store order beautiful and consistent. Third, because Place and Locate is so systematic, training new employees on store maintenance is a breeze.

It’s high time you end your merchandise hide and seek. Let Jesta bring you order.

Easy Installation

The application is mobile and Wi-Fi based so installation is a nonissue.

Cohesive Functionality

Integrated with our Vision Store (POS) to keep implementation easy and costs low.

100% Customizable by Store

Sections are specific to each store’s size and layout, and not universal.

Wonder (and Wander) No More

Section quantities reveal exactly what’s on-hand in-store and where.

Chaos Averted

Stores known for fashion items can rotate goods frequently without causing placement confusion.

Visual Appeal

Achieve visually appealing stores with item organization and cohesiveness.

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Find Items the Easy Way

Products, Sections and Section Management are the three start-up screen options.

Multiple barcodes can be scanned and localized at the same time.

Store sections can’t be deleted if the inventory count is more than zero.

Front- or back-store sections can be created, modified or deleted at your leisure.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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