Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDIs for Efficiently

Jesta’s systems support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to help you do business faster and more efficiently. Exchanges between retailers and wholesalers that used to be done on paper or by e-mail, such as purchase orders, invoices and Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) are now accomplished through EDI. In fact, many retailers won’t purchase from wholesalers that do not support EDI due to the large amount of transactions that would need to be done manually, which is both time consuming and prone to errors.

EDI allows wholesalers to process an order, validate the data, check for errors, send out an ASN to the retailer once the order is fulfilled, then send an electronic invoice; all of this is done digitally directly between the wholesalers and retailers systems. It also issues inventory notifications, informing retailers on the available quantities the wholesaler has on hand.

Jesta’s EDI system is used and trusted by global wholesale customers such as William Carter, Perry Ellis and Puma who collaborate with the largest retailers in North America. It has the capabilities to handle specialized program SKUs according to retailer needs and can set up rules for certain partners.

An Eye on Orders

Orders are carefully validated to ensure there are no errors related to price, SKUs and other data.

Out-of-the-Box Compliant

All of Jesta’s systems are EDI compliant with major retail chains, saving on installation time and costs.

Errors Minimized

Limited human involvement is required for the two systems to communicate so there are less errors.

High-Volume Processing

EDI makes the processing of a high-volume of orders from large retailers easy, fast and error-free.

Integrated with EDI Translators

Integrates with major EDI translators, and most wholesale and merchandising systems.

Carton-Level Scanning

Incoming orders can be easily scanned by carton, eliminating the need to open them and scan by item.

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Let's Get Digital

An incoming order is received through EDI and appears in the wholesale system. If an order with several different sizes is received, the system intelligently creates prepacks with specific sizes. Once the order is validated it becomes a sales order and is then ready to be fulfilled according to date and other parameters.

All inbound and outbound processes can be scheduled by the user, using the Scheduling Job Control feature. For example, the system can be programmed to check for orders daily at the same time, to bring orders in for the following day.

Once the sales order is fulfilled, a pick slip is generated and sent to the warehouse system. When the warehouse ships the order, a pick slip confirmation is automatically sent back to the demand management system. After a pick slip is received, an Advance Shipment Notification is sent out to the retailer advising them of order details, expected delivery date, and carton content. An EDI invoice is sent to the retailer’s head office as soon as the order is shipped.

Validation rules for individual customers can be tailored by customizing fields such as codes to use for different functions, default address type for store or warehouse, order multiple automatic adjustments, shipping method validation, discount payment terms, EDI pricing rules, and more.

Retailers can send contracts for bulk orders ahead of time, for example, at the beginning of a season, so that the wholesaler knows what to expect and the quantities they’ll be needing to fulfill. These bulk orders can be used up intermittently, at different times and for different stores as needed by the retailer. The system will automatically draw down the quantities as sales orders are received.

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