Trade Management

Tricks of the Trade

Whoever coined the saying “what a small world” probably didn’t dabble in merchandise procurement. Vendors, buyers, transport companies and other third parties can be oceans apart, which leaves plenty of room for order delays and miscommunication. Jesta’s Trade Management Portal (TMP) can help.

Jesta’s Trade Management module is a cloud-based, global procurement platform. It streamlines and optimizes the processing and tracking of overseas orders and shipments. Its integration with Jesta’s Vision Sourcing & Demand and Vision Merchandising platforms means approved orders automatically appear in the portal without the need for manual input. The solution exposes every stage of the procurement process in real time so everyone involved in getting the goods always has the same order details from day one.

A centralized communication platform makes it easy for global partners to make comments, ask questions and exchange documents. Armed with clear, accurate and up-to-the minute info, collaborators can proactively initiate their part of the fulfillment and shipping process to drive workflows so orders are closed quickly.

Open the lines of communication and bring your collaborators together.

Automated Integration

The automatic syncing of orders prevents mistakes from manual input.

Role-Based Views

Information and tasks displayed are different for head office employees versus suppliers.

Communal Learning

Global parties can view and add comments, which are posted chronologically.

Complete Independence

Collaborators worldwide can react proactively without waiting for instructions.

Location Tracking

The location of current orders (on a boat, land, at the border) is visible and precise.

Paper Productivity

Shipping documents are generated by the system and can be printed by anyone, anytime.

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A Global Effort

Approved orders from our integrated end-to-end Vision Suite are automatically transferred to Trade Management.

The at-a-glance dashboard can be consulted anytime for notifications relevant to you.

Alerts are displayed on this page, helping keep all parties up to date as the order moves through the procurement process.

Global partners can acknowledge style/color/quantity details and act fast to fulfill and ship.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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