Catalogue Management

Put It All On Display

B2B product catalogues allow your retail customers to browse through your styles by color and size before making a purchasing decision. It displays product information like images, names, descriptions, pricing, SKUs and more, and can be tailored to individual brands. With just a few clicks, Jesta’s Catalogue Management module allows you to easily create, maintain and update your company’s product catalogue, and customize its overall look by designing the templates directly in the system. The system automatically syncs product information from other Vision Sourcing & Demand modules so the product information is guaranteed to stay up-to-date. To create a catalogue, simply select the cover page, the page layout and products you want to include, and a digital catalogue will be automatically generated. What’s more, if your customers prefer printed catalogues, the system also allows for easy printing at the click of a button.

Automation and Accuracy

Product catalogues are automatically created and updated with real-time product information.

Money in the Bank

Digital catalogues are easy on budgets since they save on printing and distribution costs.

Accessible Everywhere

Users can access your digital catalogue anywhere, anytime via mobile devices.

Audience Expansion

A larger audience is reached with little effort by sharing via email and newsletters.

Tailored Catalogues

Custom catalogues with tailored pricing and products can be easily created for specific customers.

Internal Resource

Sales and marketing teams, financial departments, suppliers and more constantly turn to the catalogue as a resource.

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Make the Move to Digital

Design the cover and internal pages using a wide range of templates and layouts.

Create your product catalogue with a few clicks; all possible filters are available within the same screen. Set the rules, customers, products and information and update anytime.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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