Credit Management

An Eye on Your Accounts

Manage customer credit and prevent possible issues for accounts receivables with Jesta’s Credit Management module. This module stops shipments from going out if a customer has reached their credit limit. It allows you to input credit rating information received from external credit agencies, and then customize credit limits as per your parameters and the customer’s transaction history. Moreover, future credit checks can be performed if a customer’s credit changes, and open orders can be re-evaluated to ensure shipments are not sent to customers whose credit situations have changed.

No More Risky Business

Orders will be automatically held when customers have overdue payments so you can better control your expenses and cash flow.

Alerts for Interception

You’ll received an alert when an order is being prepared for a customer who has an outstanding balance allowing you to intercept if you wish.

Flexible Customer Hierarchies

Customer “families” allows you to assign different codes to individual accounts while maintaining the credit assigned to the “parent” customer.

Forward Credit Check

Customer credit limits can be modified as required based on changes in credit circumstances, overdue payments or other situations.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integration with your current financial system enables you to import aged accounts receivables.

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Complete Accountability

On the Credit Maintenance Screen, you can view all orders, their statuses, credit codes, and release or put orders on hold individually.

If a user attempts to create a pick slip for an order with a credit code that is on hold, the system will advise the user and block the pick list from being sent to a warehouse.

Easily import aged accounts receivable data from your external financial system and keep track of payments that have or haven’t been made by customers.

Our Vision Suite

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