Custom Order Management

Make It Personal

Retailers sometimes require alterations on standard products when ordering from wholesalers or manufacturers. Jesta’s Custom Order Management module allows the vendor to make precise product modifications, tailoring according to their client’s requirements. A customer service representative can quickly take the customer through all the options in order to build the personalized order, or the order can be done online by the client. Based on the customer’s selections, later choices become automatically restricted to simplify the process. The selected options are saved in the system and are easily accessible for re-orders or when there is a need to consult the order for more information.

User Configurable

Nothing is hard coded in the system, which allows any type of product in any industry to be created and customized.

System Memory

Based on previous choices, the system knows what questions to ask the user when building another custom order.

Easy Repairs

If a customized product requires repairs, your customer service team can quickly access the product information to determine the next steps.

Delay Visibility

The system will advise on the additional time it will take to manufacture according to the customizations requested.

Cost Estimates

Any additional costs to be incurred are automatically calculated based on components and/or materials desired.

Order Memory

Even customized orders that were made many years in the past can easily be found by customer or product type.

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Made to Order

Create a customized product in the system, completely configured according to your customer’s needs.

Access all existing customized orders; sort by customer or product type.

View specific customized order details in order to better serve your customers, to make repairs or re-order.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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