Demand Forecasting

Combining the Art and Science of Prediction

The Demand Forecasting module predicts what your customers will buy, whether it be in the next season or year. It matches supply with demand and warns the user in advance when there will be a shortage of either raw material or finished goods, according to what is required to fulfill their orders. Together with Jesta’s Material Resource Planning (MRP) module, it accurately tracks when incoming orders will be received and compares to shipping dates, effectively decreasing the time inventory spends sitting in your warehouse.

Thanks to sophisticated business intelligence capabilities, you can analyze your customer’s purchase history, determine patterns and predict future demand. Additionally, you can provide value-added services such as advising them of new products that can be added to their usual orders or prepare inventory for predicted orders in advance to decrease delivery time.

Accurately Predict Demand

Business Intelligence capabilities help determine patterns to predict future demand levels

Plan Appropriately

Thanks to accurate predictions on customer purchases, prepare your purchase orders accordingly in advance

Ensure Optimal Supply Levels

Foresee shortage of goods in advance and proactively adjust to ensure timely delivery to your clients

Make Educated Guesses

Know the correct quantity of goods to order andhave the right quantity of products in your inventory to meet customer demand

Reduce Carrying Costs

Accurate forecasts will help determine the right amount of inventory required to prevent shortages or excesses

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Display your reliability by always having inventory available to ship as per your clients’ needs

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Know Your Customer’s Needs Before They Do

Easily view forecasts by style, color or SKU level, according to your needs.  Once forecasts are made by using these parameters, the system automatically breaks it down by size.

Every customer is different and has individual needs. Access their account to view their past orders, but also to predict their upcoming ones.

The user can configure how each warehouse is restocked, whether by manufacturing, purchasing, or transferring from other warehouses.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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