Demand & Supply Sandbox

Simulate and Act Proactively

The Demand & Supply sandbox is linked to Jesta’s Demand Forecasting and Material Resource Planning (MRP) modules. It allows you to experiment with possible scenarios related to source order and purchase order modifications to visualize the impact these changes can have on your sales order shipping dates. Your vendor may request a change in the quantity of goods available to be delivered to you or modify the delivery date of a raw materials or finished goods order, which could put you behind schedule on shipping to your customers. With the sandbox, you can foresee these impacts and proactively advise your retail customers of the delay. Alternatively, it gives you the time and the flexibility to switch to a different vendor to prevent a delay altogether.

Manage by Exception

Know exactly which orders and at what point in time you may experience issues shipping on time to customers and react accordingly.

Maintain Vendor Relations

View the impact that changes to your orders will have on your shipments so that you can negotiate alternatives with your vendor.

Ensure Your Customers’ Satisfaction

When customer orders will be impacted, have enough lead time to change the shipping method of your order or deliver in stages to accommodate your customers.

Fewer Cancelled Orders

Prevent order cancellations by proactively adapting ahead of time and ensuring your outbound orders get delivered.

Better Managed Supply Chain

React immediately to changes and be in control of your delivery dates.

No Impact on Your Live System

The Sandbox is replica of your live system, and will only affect it once you obtain your desired results and approve.

Receive Automatic Change Request Notifications


Jesta’s Trade Management Portal is integrated with the Sandbox and feeds vendor change requests directly into the system.

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Prevent Late Deliveries to Your Customers

Search for the purchase order by number, and put in the vendor request, such as number of weeks’ delay, quantity of items to be received, etc. The sandbox will notify you by highlighting in red the areas where you may be short on the goods to ship to customers as a consequence of the vendor changes. You can negotiate with the vendor (for example, split the order so that a part of it is delivered on time) and put these changes back into the sandbox to see if the issues were resolved.

Receive notifications when a change request from a vendor goes through the portal. You can approve or reject changes requested directly in the Demand & Supply Sandbox, and send these back to the vendor through Jesta’s Trade Management Portal (TMP).

Move around and change requests from vendors to optimize your own order fulfillment. Your message gets sent back to the vendor and alerts them of your response through the TMP, where they can see what you are proposing.

Adjust demand, sourcing, date and ship via method, to minimize late shipping to your customers.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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