Financials: Accounts Receivable

Maximize Timely Payment Collection

In addition to ensuring timely payment collection and chargeback processing, Jesta’s Accounts Receivable module simplifies each receipt’s distribution to invoicing, keeps track of overdue payments and offers instant access to client account information.

The Financial module’s integration with Vision Sourcing & Demand ensures that all customer accounts created in Vision S&D and any subsequent changes are automatically synched in the Financial system. Sales invoices and credit memos entered in Vision S&D are also automatically populated to Accounts Receivable so that financial teams can ensure payments are promptly made by customers.

Real-time visibility on outstanding invoices and credit memos allow financial teams to react and advise appropriate departments so action can be taken. Jesta’s integrated Credit Management module prevents orders from being shipped out to customers with overdue payments. Our EDI capabilities also generate electronic invoices that are sent on a timely basis and can be downloaded directly into the client’s systems.

Ensure all payments due are received. Safeguard your company’s performance in the year-end financial statement. Plan budgets in an informed and efficient manner.

Support Multiple Brands

The system supports multiple brands and sub-brands within a single organization.

Clear Outstanding Invoices

Ensure payments are received accurately and on time.

Tailored Reporting

Generate tailored reports that present financial data in your preferred format (online, PDF, Excel, etc.), using flexible tools to fit your needs.

Data Security

Each individual user’s access to specific actions and functionalities can be defined.

Simplify Data Sharing

Jesta’s Financials is fully integrated throughout the entire Vision Suite, allowing transactions such as Purchase Orders/Receipts to be automatically shared between modules.


Jesta’s Financials module supports multiple currencies, languages and tax codes to facilitate international operations.

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Manage Your Incoming Payments

As payments come in, they are applied to the specific customer invoice they relate to, reducing the time and resources spent on reissuing invoices or reconciliating reports. The customer balance is then exported to Vision Sourcing & Demand to ensure consistent information throughout all systems.

Jesta’s Financials system accepts many different forms of payment, such as pre-authorized debit, cheques, wire transactions, electronic funds transfer or even payment over the phone.

Multiple reports will notify the user on outstanding balances and how old the balances are. Report by customer, balance age, accounting period, transactions, and more. Identify amounts that are collectible and accounts that may be at risk of default.

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