Material Resource Planning

Manufacturing for the Future

Jesta’s multi-stage Material Resource Planning (MRP) module analyzes customer demand and manages your resources to implement an optimal balance between supply and demand. It ensures manufacturing is completed on time with automated calculations that determine what materials need to be sourced and in what quantities, considers production time and possible delays in receiving these materials, and establishes the date the finished product will be available. Combined with Jesta’s Demand Forecasting module, it accurately predicts your customer’s future demand. This way, you can correctly plan and automate the optimal timing of purchases and, in turn, deliveries to customers, keeping them satisfied while reducing your own inventory costs.

Just-in-Time Inventory

Quickly shipping to customers and moving goods to the next stage in the manufacturing cycle reduces the time inventory spends in your warehouse. 

What-If Prep

Delivery delays can be predicted and in turn prevented by manipulating the data of incoming orders to enact what-if scenarios.

Quality First

Superior materials can be sourced so that high-quality products can be delivered in the least amount of time.

Fulfillment Rules Your Way

Adaptable rule-based fulfillment and priority allocation functions enable you to optimize your inventory and order management.

Order Automation

Automated purchase and work orders make it easy to procure the materials needed to deliver on time to your customers.

Accurate Inventory Predictions

Inventory shortages and/or excesses are avoided by accurately determining the amount of raw material required in advance.

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Plan Ahead

Let the system do the work for you by generating its own POs and Work Orders according to demand. Your goods will arrive on time for your outgoing shipments and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Additionally, experiment with possible scenarios related to order quantities and delivery dates to visualize the impacts these changes can have on your sales order shipping dates.

Simplify the process of running MRP calculations for multiple warehouses with the ability to set up all the different phases at once.

Configure your settings according to your rules for order management and priority allocation.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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