Procurement and Sourcing

Effectively Plan Ahead

Wholesalers need to stay ahead of customer demand and differentiate their products, all while maximizing profits. Jesta’s Procurement and Sourcing module can help achieve these goals by accurately tracking your purchase orders, expected material delivery dates, and production schedule, and comparing this with current customer orders and forecasted demand. It allows you to supervise multiple procurement production paths and captures accurate shipment data at detailed sublevels such as style, color, attribute and size for more precise production forecasts. Moreover, track material, labor, overhead, purchasing, and standard material costs to efficiently calculate profit and margin.

Calculate Accurate Item Costs

While standard costing is also available, moving average costs capabilities attach a cost sheet to every transaction in order to obtain a more realistic reflection of item costs

Complete Visibility

Get instant access to key information for absolute control over raw material sourcing, full package purchasing, finished goods inventory management and allocation of available merchandise

Consistently Match Demand

Efficiently tracks and ensures that you have the required goods in your warehouse in order to ship on time as per the orders in your system.

High Inventory Turnover

Optimize your inventory and order management using adaptable rule-based fulfillment and priority allocation functions

Agile and Flexible

Remain agile by matching changing supply and demand, keeping your customers satisfied

Detailed Tracking

Be informed on process details such as time remaining for a manufacturing job to be completed and the quantity of raw materials remaining

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Purchase Earlier, in Bulk, and at Lower Costs

Track the progress of parts on the way to becoming finished goods. from the moment they are taken out of inventory to their path to the assembly area, shipping and packing.

Perform a source order transaction inquiry to view details on your incoming orders, such as scheduled delivery date, item details, quantity of items, etc.

Obtain the status of manufacturing by source order number. Look at multiple orders at once and know at what stage they are at, how much time is left for the job to be completed, how much raw material has been consumed, and how much remains.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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