Point of Sale

Retail’s Little Powerhouse

A retail business’s point of sale largely defines a customer’s shopping experience. To emphasize how true that is, consider the last time you walked out of a convenience store or coffee shop because of a long line-up. That kind of (costly) frustration can’t occur in retail stores. Jesta’s Vision Store irons out your POS kinks so satisfaction and, in turn, sales grow.

The user interface of Vision Store and Store Mobile is so robust, associates can execute a handful of requests in one easy, uninterrupted step: a purchase here, a return there, a loyalty card, a web order inquiry, a custom order — no problem. In the end, shoppers get one transaction receipt. Global inventory, cross-channel orders and customer profiles are completely visible in real-time so associates are equipped to deliver thoughtful, knowledge-based interactions with a personal touch.

What’s more, you can extend head-office responsibilities to your associates if you wish such as managing discounts and promotions. Scheduling employees and staying on top of their hours is possible from the POS too, and our POS can be integrated with your payroll management software.

Help your associates reach their full potential. Transform them into consultants or even connoisseurs.

Strategic Marketing

Campaigns are personalized thanks to customer info and buying history.

Multitasking at its Best

Inquiries and multiple item transactions are completed in one uninterrupted step.

Master the Mobile

Portable real-time inventory visibility keeps associates in-the-know.

Eliminate Inaccuracies

An enterprise-wide single version of the truth ensures total accuracy.

POS Portability

Checkout times are fast-tracked by meeting customers where they are.

Trendy Tech

Self-checkout frees up staff and gives customers shopping independence.

Store Prep

A hub for planning and printing tags and promos keeps stores business ready.

Safety First

Complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

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Close the Sale

Access your real-time global inventory via the POS without leaving your customer.


Place and receive orders for in-store replenishment via the purchase order module.

Defer sales to a later date to accommodate alterations/repairs.

Easily answer order inquiries with complete visibility of statuses and shipping info.

Process and package in-store and web orders at stores that double as fulfillment centers.

Our Vision Suite

Enhance your business operations with an end-to-end platform that will empower and unify your entire supply chain.

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