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The Accounts Payable feature in Jesta’s Financials module automates three-way invoice matching based on accurate and real-time data. It allows budget managers to monitor consumption rates and review accounts that are close to overspending. Moreover, it ensures that the terms and amounts of each invoice are in line with those agreed upon when the purchase order was issued. The process makes sure that only goods received are paid for and that they are paid for only once. If discrepancies between POs and invoice amounts are detected, the system automatically generates an error message. The user can then drill-down into the specific form to analyze the fault and determine the next steps. Additionally, business-defined rules can be set up in order to reduce exposure to fraud, errors and unauthorized payments.

Freedom Through Automation

Automation minimizes user intervention, improves internal controls, and increases productivity and gross margin accuracy.

Invoice Matchup

Invoice accuracy is verified automatically and matched/resolved invoices can be set to trigger payment processing.

Discrepancies Resolved

The need for time-consuming manual checks are eliminated and discrepancies are resolved prior to payment.

Easy Pre-Payments

Recurring expenditures can be programmed ahead of time to save time, and ensure timely and consistent payments.

From Summary to Details

Drilldown capabilities allow you to quickly view transactions that contribute to the budgetary control and expenditure balances.

Mass Posting

With the click of a button numerous invoices can be posted rather than having to upload invoices one by one.

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Play Matchmaker

Automated invoice matching can be scheduled to run for all invoices or for a single one. When the invoice matching process is in place, it can be executed for a specific invoice, vendor, vendor group or for all invoices. All discrepancies higher than the pre-determined tolerance are recorded in the database.

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