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The Importance of Collaboration When Working from Home

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by Esther Bendayan  |  September 22, 2020

Team work makes the dream work. You’ve heard this saying before, right? In the wake of COVID-19, work-from-home policies have made team work and collaboration more difficult, but more important than ever. Working from home has become the norm in 2020.

Remote work is defined as any environment where employees do not need to work from the same physical space. Communicating remotely isn’t always easy. What used to be long meetings in board rooms now consists of bullet points and delayed email responses.

Jesta I.S. recognizes the need for increased communication during this time. In an effort to create an open dialogue between customers and partners, we hosted our first Virtual Connect event. Virtual connect provided us with a space to communicate openly with some of the people we value most. For more information about the event, read our blog.

Create new ways to manage productivity

New work-from-home policies mean that brands must find new ways to manage their employees productivity and ensure that goals are being met in a timely manner. Many have responded to this need with daily or weekly Zoom meetings that serve as a reminder of the work that needs to be accomplished. It is important to recognize that these meeting make it easy to focus on the work that is still in the pipeline. However, it is important to praise and recognize the work that employees have completed. This will help motivate and encourage your employees, which may be lacking in times like these.

Create a secure file sharing method

Communication may be difficult, which is why it’s important for organizations to facilitate collaboration as much as possible. Setting up a way to easily share files via a cloud service, for instance, can help ensure your team is up to date on new developments, and will ensure that all your team members are synced up. This will make it easy for all the members of your organization to access any data or resources that they need.

Encourage creative thinking

While recent studies show that working from home improves productivity, employees often feel that their innovation and creative thinking is stifled. While work from home remains the norm, it is important for employers to find ways to encourage creativity and to spark inspiration remotely. This can be done by encouraging your employees to create a daily schedule that includes breaks. This will encourage a work-life balance, and help encourage innovation. In addition, virtual events can be coordinated to help provide employees with the sense that they are part of a team. These events can include lunch parties, or an after work 5-à-7.

What they say is true: team work does make the dream work. However, just because employees are not working from the same physical space, doesn’t mean that collaboration and productivity have to be diminished.

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