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Mobility touches every aspect of our lives, both personally and professionally. It’s transforming the way we work, the way we live and the way we communicate. Jesta offers a flexible mobile application environment on top of the Vision Suite foundation, enabling retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers to more efficiently connect among employees and with customers.

Empower your organization with mobile technology that supports every aspect of your business, including product development, warehousing, merchandising, store management and customer interaction. Access enterprise analytics and activity management functions anytime, anywhere.

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Employee Adoption

Extend digital communication to all employees, leading to engagement and enablement. Increase your team’s productivity, heighten responsiveness and provide superior customer service.


Use mobile technology to support and enhance every aspect of your business processes with an enterprise mobile platform that gives you freedom to run tasks and make decisions in real time – no matter where you are

Information Sharing

 Empower associates by delivering relevant information directly to where decisions need to be made. Communicate corporate-defined rules to employees on mobile devices for faster on-the-spot decision making

Direct Access

Get instant access to reporting tools, alerts and notifications through seamless connectivity between enterprise data and mobile users. All information is captured and updated in real time to ensure accuracy.

Natively Integrated

Benefit from mobile technology that delivers flexible capabilities and functions on top of the Vision Suite foundation. Enhance your technology investment and give your employees the freedom to work the way they live — mobile, connected and collaborative.

Store Mobility

Employ a mobile POS that offers streamlined checkout functionality, embedded CRM support and flash retailing capabilities (e.g. pop-up store) so you can deliver outstanding customer service virtually anywhere, resulting in meaningful engagement, higher levels of satisfaction and increased sales.

Jesta I.S. clients- town shoes

We are very excited to have a client like Town Shoes Limited whose final customer experience at the store is facilitated on our mobile platform.

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