Vision Suite

Accelerate Your Brand’s Growth & Profitability

Jesta’s Vision Suite is a set of modern, scalable and agile business software solutions that easily integrate to form an end-to-end Unified Commerce Suite for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers.

The Suite is comprised of Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising, Vision Store & Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics. Each address a specific segment of the supply chain that spans from the beginning of product sourcing to direct-to-consumer delivery. The Suite eliminates the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of disjointed applications by allowing organizations to implement the whole suite or specific modules based on their unique needs.

Jesta’s Vision Suite is cloud-based, browser agnostic and mobile-ready making the software accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Jesta’s solutions are incorporated under Vision Central Portal, a widget-based solution that functions as a single point of entry for all the Vision Suite solutions a client owns. Its home screen features a customizable dashboard that provides an overview of menu favorites, reports, alerts and more.

End-to-End Solutions from Product Concept to Consumer

Each of the four Vision Suite pillars address a different segment of the supply chain, making the suite a true, end-to-end enterprise solution.

Vision Sourcing & Demand

Vision Sourcing & Demand (S&D) is designed to help businesses optimize the sourcing and procurement of raw materials and finished goods while reducing cost and time to market. It provides complete visibility of the procurement process from day one and empowers your entire global partner network with centralized access to order, inventory and shipping data for complete transparency and seamless collaboration. Vision S&D consists of Jesta’s Wholesale & Distribution and Supply Chain solutions.

Key capabilities: Procurement & Sourcing, Material Resource Planning, Forecasting, Warehouse Management, Vendor Portal

Vision Merchandising

Vision Merchandising helps businesses build market segments, product ranges and price lines while using historical performance as a guiding factor to minimize markdowns and maximize sales. The demand-driven solution automatically guides and tracks the allocation and replenishment of inventory through distribution channels helping to ensure that the right products are delivered to the most optimal sites. Vision Merchandising consists of Jesta’s Retail Planning and Retail Merchandising solutions.

Key capabilities: Assortments, Merchandise PlanningPrice Management, Allocation, Replenishment, Financials.

Vision Store & Omnichannel

Vision Store & Omnichannel helps retailers deliver seamless shopping journeys across all commerce channels. The Endless Aisle allows items to be purchased from anywhere, including global vendors’ stock, while the Order Management System enables fast, flexible and accurate rule-based fulfillment from anywhere. Inventory and order details are available in real-time at the Point of Sale and robust mobile functionality empowers in-store customers with item lookup, self-service ordering and unified loyalty.

Key capabilities: Endless Aisle, Order Management, Point of Sale, Loss Prevention, Loyalty, Gift Card, Mobile Apps 

Vision Analytics

Vision Analytics delivers granular metrics that decisionmakers need to make strategic decisions about their global business. The solution collects and analyzes real-time transactional information from an enterprise’s multiplatform environments, then consolidates it into a holistic view of performance so patterns and trends are easy to identify. Dashboards are interactive; filters enable detailed insights; notifications empower users to react quickly and make smart decisions using real-time actionable data.

Key capabilities: Answers, Alerts and Notifications, Actionable Analytics

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