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Use Your Business Analytics To Maximize Profits

Modern retailers are making data-driven decisions now more than ever. Successful omnichannel retailers know that real-time info gathered through their business analytics is the key to staying competitive.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how data is aggregated and insights are attained in often a matter of seconds. Armed with this info, you’ll better understand customer purchase patterns and be able to make proactive decisions to encourage repeat customers and even create brand advocates.


Stay ahead of customer demand! Gain greater control over orders, raw material procurement, full package purchasing, finished goods inventory management and optimal allocation of available merchandise. Access new markets and opportunities without increasing costs.

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Don’t let your inventory go stale! Respond quickly to the demand-driven supply chain by converting forecasts and plans into disciplined buys, optimal allocations and effective replenishment – with complete visibility of inventory costs, sell-through rates, in-transit and on-order.

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Turn your POS into a central hub! Deliver a consistent experience that is aligned across all channels with the POS as the convergence point. Empower associates with real-time visibility into omnichannel inventory and customer information on desktop and mobile platforms.

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Single-Software Partner: Grow Your Operations with Jesta’s Enterprise Software

Jesta I.S. is an international supplier of integrated software solutions for wholesalers and retailers specializing in apparel, footwear, accessories and soft-goods verticals. Our Vision Suite is a unified, yet modular platform that eliminates the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of disjointed applications by allowing organizations to implement the whole suite of applications or specific modules, based on their unique needs. Vision Suite builds scalable business operations, increases market share and improves margins across the entire supply chain – from product design to omnichannel retail.

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