Early Days

A structure is only as strong as its foundation so it is especially fortunate that ours is profound and sturdy, dating back to 1968. Montreal, being a fashion capital, a garment manufacturing hub and the largest inland port in the world, was a thriving market for the apparel, footwear and accessories industries (AFA). Founded as “Richter & Associates”, we responded to a gap in the market – becoming the pioneers and market leaders in providing software solutions designed for both retailers and wholesalers worldwide, including specialty-focused enterprises.

Jesta Group Acquisition

In response to the expansion of the AFA industry, our products were continuously refined and enhanced to meet the growing needs. Fast-forward to 2003, we were taken under the wing of the Jesta Group and changed our name to “Jesta I.S.”. This supplemented our growth and footprint with more than 80 million dollars invested in R&D, cementing Jesta I.S. as a one-stop shop for organizations looking for fully integrated ERP software.

End-to-End Solution

As a result of a continual incorporation of industry best practices, Vision Suite was born – a unified, but also modular solution for product lifecycle management, sourcing and demand, B2B, inventory management, distributed order management, warehousing, point-of-sale and accounting. Through our commitment to innovation, best-in-class enterprise mobility and business intelligence capabilities were developed to enrich the total suite. This makes our products the ideal solutions for Mid-Sized and Tier One enterprises transitioning from legacy systems.

Fueled by Experience

Having maintained a steady presence in the market for over 45 years, we understand the importance of staying relevant better than most. The result is a product line that is cutting edge and modern, fortified by experience.

Industry Recognition

Our distinctive brand of solid software solutions coupled with impeccable client service has consistently earned us the recognition of the most trusted authorities in the retail industry year after year. In 2015, Jesta has received accolades in the RIS Software Leaderboard Report and the reader’s choice edition of the Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine.

Ranked in the top 8 by Tier One and Mid-Sized retailers in multiple categories including:

  • Leaders in Overall Performance
  • Leaders in Quality of Support
  • Leaders in Software Reliability
  • Leaders in Quality of Service
  • Customer Satisfaction

With the maximum number of customer votes, we have been recognized as the:Our story- CGT best in class

  • Breakout Leader in Customer Satisfaction
  • Top 10 Best In Class Providers in the Supply Chain Execution category



At Jesta I.S., we strive to maintain our position as the software solution leader for the AFA and Specialty Retail industries. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and on our enduring commitment to delivering results to both our clients and their customers.