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Merchandising ERP

Easily manage your buying, planning, financials, inventory and warehouse with a foundational ERP system designed to maximize your ROI.

Drive Transformative ROI

With All-in-One Business Management

Consumers, not products, are at the center of retail’s most profitable merchandising processes today. Consumers are empowered with technology, and multiple channels for browsing, transacting, acquiring and consuming. Consumers are the leaders in retail, making unified commerce crucial for seamless omnichannel success.

Transform your customers’ transactions, social media activity, location and proximity, and brand and product affinity into powerful behavioral segments with Jesta’s Merchandising ERP. Behavioral segments are essential to fully understanding your omnichannel customers so you can proactively target their preferences through your planning, assorting , pricing and allocating. Artificial intelligence and machine learning augment the data with deeper insights. Automated recommendations amplify your cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Jesta’s Merchandising ERP also consists of Accounting and Financials to automate cumbersome manual tasks. Warehouse Management enhances space utilization, seasonal inventory management and pick-pack-ship accuracy. Analytics aggregates data from multiple sources and gives you the power to refine your merchandising processes to fast track your ROI.


Your Goals & KPIs

Click on a Merchandising ERP capability to discover its unique features and explore how the software will grow your merchandising success.

Define your open-to-buys, margins and revenue, digitize your planning and KPIs so users can easily share, publish and reconcile different plans and versions.

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Build customer-centric assortments, optimize the breadth and depth of your product portfolio and automate your strategies to maximize sales.

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Allocate your inventory to the stores and channels that are likely to sell it the fastest at the highest price considering what’s been sold and localized demand.

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Automatically push the right inventory in the right amount to the right place at the right time to maintain optimum stock and service levels.

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Leverage historical sales data to auto-determine the optimal quantity per size for prepacks to more quickly meet localized demand and maximize sales.

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Plan, analyze and adjust temporary and permanent price changes, simulate their effect on sales and automate markdowns according to your predefined rules.

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Reconcile your POS and OMS data with the transactions and inventory data in your Merchandising applications to ensure accuracy, compliance and control.

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Achieve unified inventory and order visibility, enhance your space utilization and improve pick-pack-ship efficiency with desktop and mobile capabilities.

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Review the lifecycle of your inventory at various milestones via a 360° visual carousel of your products. Take action to optimize sales performance.

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Review key sales and inventory KPIs at the department, class, subclass and item level to track and adjust buying and planning with optimal results.

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Transform real-time insights into strategic data-driven actions. Leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics based on market and performance data.

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Digitize and centralize your POs, easily and securely manage your EDI invoices with real-time updates, automate three-way invoice matching and more.

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Growth & Profitability

All of Jesta’s ERP capabilities are interconnected and work in harmony powered by a single source of truth. Improve your forecasting, increase your stock turnover, maximize your ROI and fuel the growth of your small or midsized business into a global enterprise.

Customer-Centric Assortments

Build powerful behavioral segments in line with customer preferences and values that buyers and planners can leverage to build customer-centric assortments.

AL-Powered Optimization

Leverage AI and ML to strengthen the capabilities of merchandising teams to build more compelling assortments that boost sales and reduce markdowns.

Intelligent Store Clusters

Create store clusters based on historical performance and site attributes then allocate merchandise dynamically in line with localized demand.

Enterprise-Wide Inventory Visibility

Obtain visibility on what products have been sold, where and at what price in real time across all platforms and identify what each site has remaining on-hand.

Integrated Accounting

Connect your accounting and finance departments with real-time visibility of vendor and merchandising activities to optimize invoice and PO management.

Powerful What-If Analysis

Compare the possible outcomes of merchandising decisions such as markdowns and promotions before committing using powerful what-if analysis scenarios.

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In addition to business management solutions, Jesta’s has everything you need to run your stores now and in the future.

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