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Omni Store Platform

Increase your associate and customer engagement with a unified commerce platform that delivers expected shopping experiences in an omnichannel world.
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Increase Engagement & Conversions

With Unified Commerce for Modern Retail

Customer journeys include in-store, online and in-app interactions. Brands must connect with customers across all channels and engage at every stage from awareness and consideration to purchase, retention and advocacy. Both retailers and consumers must have access to the same, real-time information to engage in a meaningful way, without disruption. Enter Unified Commerce.

Jesta’s unified Omni Store Platform breaks down silos between your departmental teams, online/offline sales channels and front/back-end capabilities to harmonize your omnichannel processes and data for real time visibility, including customer transactions, orders and loyalty. Unified retail commerce drives cohesion across all channels and touchpoints so you can deliver seamless, composable experiences to omnichannel consumers.

The Point of Sale and Mobile POS consists of robust sales and acquisition tools for the front of house, operational enablement tools for the back of house, customer engagement tools for associates, and a mobile experience for self-shoppers. The Order Management System links your e-commerce store, physical stores, head office and warehouses, accelerating order fulfillment and deliveries.


Your Front & Back End

Click on an Omni Store capability to discover its unique features and explore how the software will help you convert more omnichannel opportunities.

Gain robust sales capabilities for your front of house, and operational tools for your back of house, including unified loyalty, gift cards and customer insights.

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Empower your store associates with mobile capabilities for all transaction types, managing customer profiles and omnichannel orders.

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Achieve centralized management of your omnichannel promotions, gift cards and loyalty memberships as well as corporate customers, in-store surveys and more.

Intelligently fulfill your omnichannel orders from the most optimal site: a vendor, DC, 3PL provider or physical store. Leverage order rerouting and split orders.

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Optimize the management of your inbound and outbound store merchandise. Perform quick and easy mobile cycle counts to ensure inventory accuracy.

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Define your store layouts, methodically organize store merchandise and customize location rules so sorting and retrieving your inventory is fast and easy.

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Vastly expand your product offerings with no upfront costs. Enable global vendors to dropship customer orders for out-of-stock items and custom requests.

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Automatically identify suspicious store-level transactions in your data to reduce loss. Alerts on mobile devices notifies you of exceptions to prompt quick action.

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Achieve unified inventory and order visibility, enhance your space utilization and improve pick-pack-ship efficiency with desktop and mobile capabilities.

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Define your earn-and-burn rate, create point tiers, launch point promos. Shoppers can earn, track, redeem in store and online, and see updates in real time.

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Reconcile your POS and OMS data with the transactions and inventory data in your Merchandising applications to ensure accuracy, compliance and control.

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Capture invaluable omnichannel customer and transaction data to identify patterns and trends for data-driven strategies, including targeted marketing

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Transform real-time insights into strategic data-driven actions. Leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics based on market and performance data.

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Loyalty & Revenue

All of Jesta’s Omni Store capabilities are interconnected and work in harmony powered by a single source of truth. Engage with more customers, convert more checkouts, make more in-store sales and fuel the growth of your small or midsized business into a global enterprise.

Centralized Omni Data

Obtain a centralized view of your real-time omnichannel data to inform important head office decisions, including behaviour-led buying and planning.

Global Endless Aisle

Expand your product offerings and fulfill requests for out-of-stock items and custom orders by enabling dropship orders from your vendors to your customers.

Unwavering Store Technology

Leverage a powerful POS that can run in disconnected mode and includes mobile sales and acquisition tools that enhance engagement on your store floor.

High Performance POS

Offer fast transactions anywhere, accept popular payment methods, enable easy cross-channel exchanges and returns, access omnichannel orders and more.

Strategic Order Fulfillment

Optimize your order fulfillment from anywhere (vendors, a DC, 3PL provider or stores) with flexible rules that enable order rerouting and split orders.

Transformative Customer Service

Empower your CSRs with complete visibility of omnichannel orders, and the power to take custom orders, transforming them into additional sellers.

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Future Proof Your Head Office

In addition to unified commerce solutions, Jesta’s has everything you need to increase enterprise collaboration and productivity.

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