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Bring your people, processes and product management together to drive enterprise efficiency and unified experiences that earn customer trust.

retail management suite

Unify Your Retail Data & Processes


Fragmented retail systems result in disconnected data and siloed teams. Internally, this cripples collaboration, efficiency and innovation at your head office, warehouses and stores. Externally, your customers experience discrepancies between your sales channels, which erodes satisfaction and trust. Growth and scalability become ominous challenges.

Harmonize your people, data and channels across your entire organization through the deployment of Jesta’s end-to-end Vision Retail Management Suite. The suite consists of Jesta’s Merchandising ERP and Omni Store Platform to connect your physical stores, e-commerce platform, warehouses and head office with comprehensive capabilities and unprecedented visibility.

Our Master Data Foundation serves as the suite’s anchor and your organization’s real-time, single source of truth. By harnessing the strength of unified data management, the suite enables seamless connections, effective collaboration and informed decision-making across all departments and channels. Jesta’s Vision Retail Management Suite is more than just software. It’s your brand’s partner for growth and success.

Optimize Your Brand's

Product Journeys

Jesta’s Vision Retail Management Suite harmonizes your people and data across your stores, e-commerce platform, warehouses and head office, improving collaboration, connections and visibility. The final result is omnichannel product journeys that are more agile and customer centric.

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Experience Innovation

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Your Brand Performance with our Technology

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Gary Ochi

Chief Executive Officer

“We were impressed by Jesta’s ability to complete a significant ERP implementation within our tight timeline. We’re confident that we’ll see great returns by leveraging their technology.”

Matt Gold

Chief Executive Officer

“The convenience and economies of scale that Jesta I.S. provides by packaging multiple solutions into a single platform will improve our operational excellence and efficiency.”



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The Retail Management Suite consists of our Merchandising ERP and Omni Store Platform. The main applications are Planning, Financials, Assortments, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Point of Sale, Mobile POS, Endless Aisle and Analytics.
The Retail Management Suite caters to the unique needs of the apparel and footwear industry, but it can also be leveraged by global retailers that specialize in hard goods, sporting goods, home furnishings, and jewelry and watches.
The Retail Management Suite unifies complex omnichannel operations. Holistic data management eliminates data and departmental silos for improved visibility, collaboration and efficiency across your enterprise. It accelerates global product journeys and cultivates cohesive customer experiences across all touchpoints.
Absolutely! We configure our Retail Management Suite to meet your business needs. Our implementation strategies minimize risk and disruption, our support team is available 24/7, and Jesta University has training docs, videos and more.

Leverage Value-Added


Discover our integrations to easily secure additional functionality for your business alongside Jesta’s Vision Retail Management Suite. Are you currently using an integration partner that you can’t live without? Let us know, we’re always growing our integration portfolio.

Discover our Enterprise Suite for Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Did you know that Jesta’s Vision Retail Management Suite has a sister suite for Supply Chain Management? Explore how Jesta’s Vision Supply Chain Management Suite optimizes product journeys from raw materials to finished goods.

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