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[Webinar] Beyond Legacy Systems: Transitioning to Modern Omni-Channel Platforms

Retail management system by Jesta I.S.

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems are among the most difficult challenges executive teams face today. Constant technological advances have changed the way consumers shop; greatly deteriorating retailers’ ability to achieve customer satisfaction and future business growth.

To improve business processes and exceed these ever-increasing consumer expectations, companies are rethinking the way their organizations work. They seek new and improved methods on how they can respond to consumer demand by investing in more functionally rich, configurable and integrated platforms. The goal is to streamline processes across all channels and geographies, better match supply and demand, centralize information, and ensure seamless visibility to fulfill orders and achieve superior service levels both on and offline.

However, the vast majority of retailers are constrained by their inflexible supply chain systems. Outdated systems are often highly customized with many “bolt-ons” that are costly and difficult to manage. Additionally, companies often run disparate applications – that do not interface well – from multiple vendors. This further limits their capacity to scale, innovate and quickly respond to changes in the marketplace.

The decision facing management will be whether to continue maintaining in-house legacy systems or to make that strategic decision to acquire software designed for adaptability and future expansion. In this webinar, we will explore key areas that retailers should consider to ensure long-term profitability, agility and capability to respond to the complexity of modern retail supply chains.

Join Jesta I.S. & RPE Solutions for a special webcast on the challenges organizations are facing with their legacy systems and successful strategies to transition to modern omnichannel platforms.

Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine

Steven Quon, VP of Sales & Marketing, Jesta I.S.
Rob Henneke, Executive Vice President, RPE

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